Energy Drinks are the New Soda

It’s common knowledge at this point that consumption of sodas, sweet teas, and other high calorie or high sugar beverages is on the decline. The beverage industry has had to make shifts and offer new products that cater to the increasing demand for healthier choices. 

This is no less true when it comes to energy and pre-workout drinks. The energy drink market is soaring and is expected to reach $225 billion worldwide within the next few years. While Red Bull and Monster are still the top selling energy drinks, consumers are demanding that this market also get on board with healthier options. 

At any convenience store today, it’s easy to find energy drinks with little to no sugar, or that have additives like extra caffeine, vitamins, minerals and other athletic boosting ingredients. 

Although the COVID pandemic had a slightly diminishing effect on energy drink and energy shot sales in the height of quarantine, overall the pandemic only increased consumer’s desires to have healthy choices at their fingertips with any kind of beverage. 

Younger consumers tend to be the most health conscious as well as the ones who are most likely to make compulsive energy drink purchases. With this combination, we’re sure to see a continued growth in the variety of choices and growth in the whole energy drink market.

the business of energy drinks

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