3 Things to Drink Instead of Alcohol

3 Things to Drink Instead of Alcohol

As more and more studies emerge that alcohol does more damage than good, an increasing number of people are starting to embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle. While the reasons why people might choose to stop drinking may vary, the most common reasons include the physical health benefits and reduced chances of developing conditions like cancer, improved mental clarity, achieving a smaller waistline, and even saving money.

Despite it being a socially acceptable thing to consume, alcohol has the power to completely destroy lives.  The truth is that cutting back or eliminating alcohol from your life altogether can bring numerous benefits.

The question then becomes, what do you drink instead of your favorite alcoholic beverage? It can feel bizarre initially when offered a glass of wine or a beer at a party and saying no. To help you, here are some ideas of beverages to drink that don’t contain any alcohol but still pack plenty of flavor.

Herbal Tea

While you may be used to winding down in the evenings with something like a glass of wine, the truth is that it can disrupt your sleep, and even leave you with a headache the next day. Consider drinking an herbal tea that offers calming benefits and soothing effects. From Kava tea, to lavender, to peppermint, there are all sorts of different teas that can help you unwind that don’t have any alcohol in it whatsoever.

The best part is that herbal teas have zero calories in them, so if you’re looking to experience the weight loss aspect of cutting alcohol out of your life, then herbal tea is ideal.


Part of the reason why we love alcohol so much is that it comes in so many delicious flavors. From Piña coladas to Aperol Spritzes to Margaritas, sometimes we love alcohol because it’s so darn delicious.

What if we were to tell you that you could still enjoy these delicious cocktails without alcohol in them? The alcohol-free versions of these cocktails, known as mocktails, offer the same visual appeal and complex flavor without the alcohol content.  Besides being able to enjoy mocktails without the headache the next day, there’s also the added perk of less calorie content.

Sparkling Water

Nowadays, sparkling water isn’t the same as what your grandma drank. Sparkling water comes in all sorts of different brands and flavor infusions, making it a fun way to get hydrated. Sparkling water is great since it has carbonation and can give you the impression that you’re drinking something like a vodka soda, when in fact you’re just drinking delicious old water.

You can add all sorts of different ingredients, from fresh slices of fruit and berries to citrus, to zest, giving it a twist of flavor that’s extra satisfying. The best part is, that sparkling water is calorie free which your waistline will significantly thank you for.  Not to mention, usually, people can’t tell that what you’re drinking is only water, which will lead to fewer raised eyebrows about why you’re not drinking at a social function.

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