6 Interesting Things You Can Do With Vodka

Vodka is known for it’s neutral flavor, warm & fuzzy approach, countless cheap & expensive options, and wide availability. It mixes well with numerous flavorings, and offers a tasty drinking experience for the connoisseur.

Yet vodka spirits get mixed reviews. It’s low-calorie nature makes vodka a favorable dietary choice, however, it can also be quite harsh for the occasional drinker.

Still, even the cheapest, oldest, most rancid vodka can been as a household cleaning product. You may have heard that vodka can be used in place of soaps & detergents, or killing mosquitos. But it can also be used for removing stains, sparkling dishes, taming an acne breakout, and even reducing a fever.

Before you throw a lingering bottle in the garbage, here are 6 interesting things you can do with an old bottle of cheap vodka:

1) Freshen your wardrobe

Just add vodka into a spritzing bottle. For this one, you want to make sure not to mix the vodka with water, soap, etc. Watering down the mixture will reduce it’s odor-removing power and you’re going to need all you can manage. Before spritzing garments you plan to freshen with vodka, hang them up and let them air out for a couple of hours. Then do a spot check before dousing the garment to make sure the color doesn’t bleed.

Give the garment a misting. Try not to drench the fabric, though; instead try to mist them very lightly. As you spritz the fabrics with vodka, the alcohol will help to gather up any odorants clinging to your clothes.

This is an effective odor-eliminator because the vodka will work to eliminate a bad smell without leaving a fragrance or residue. Spritzing a little vodka on your favorite garments will not only save money & time, it’ll keep them from wearing down as quickly. The washing & drying process is known to wear down clothes faster, and this remedy will help you to curtail that process.

According to TipNut.com, vodka, rum and whiskey can keep a mouth sore from lasting 2-3 weeks. So next time you have an irritable canker sore, skip the Listerine and have a shot of vodka. Note: it’s best to treat the area with vodka right after eating.

3) Use vodka as a replacement painkiller

Alleviate muscle throbbing & soreness by taking a few shots as needed. According to the Huffington Post, “It can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol.” However, drinking too much alcohol will ultimately cause more problems in the long run so this remedy shouldn’t be used for persistent, ongoing pain relief.

Not only drinking alcohol – but using alcohol as a topical ointment – can be effective at relieving pain.

To do this, create a liniment by mixing vodka with essential oils such as cinnamon, peppermint, or lavender. Just mix vodka and essential oil, allowing it to sit out for a couple weeks so that the oil is distilled and the vodka evaporates.

Note: Similar to products like Tiger Balm and White Flower Oil, this mixture will stimulate both hot and cold reactions in nerve endings on the surface of the skin. As this happens, your brain will register the sensations simultaneously creating a contrast making the liniment seem hotter than it is.

4) Kick the soreness out of a sore throat

According to MedicalNewsToday.com, gargling vodka can soothe a sore throat. Alcohol is a vasodilator. If you’re feeling cold and achy (due to a virus or infection), drinking vodka can help you to feel warm and fuzzy at the same time. It also offers anesthetic effects, but there are no scientific benefits documented. This is purely based on testimonials and speculation. Although there is evidence that alcohol can kill viruses, it’s typically supportive of alcoholic hand gels and sanitizers. However, the common cold or flu, and symptoms like fever, aches, and pains can all be remedied to some degree with vodka.

Note: If you’re feeling under the weather, you probably don’t want a hangover. To avoid the side effects of drinking while under the weather, make sure to select an organic, naturally sweetened vodka without additives. According to Hell’s Half Acre Vodka company, neutral-smelling vodkas with a little viscosity bold well for those who don’t fancy the side effects of drinking hard liquor.

5) Make your glasses & mirrors shimmer

Water spots on fixtures are annoying and unattractive. They’re like an ex-boyfriend that still has feelings for you and won’t leave you alone. Everytime you think things have dried up, they reappear.

No matter what you do, or how many products you use, it’s relatively difficult to get water spots to disappear for good. Just place a piece of muslin fabric or a cheese cloth over a water bottle filled with vodka, and hose the vodka onto the glass surface. With some elbow grease, you should be able to rub out those water spots for the last time.

6) Soothe a toothache

Just swish a bit of vodka around the tooth that’s aching. Your gums will absorb some of the liquor numbing the area temporarily. Then you can swallow it, or spit it out. According to MyTooth.com, alcohols like whisky or vodka can help remedy pain fairly quickly.

By taking a cotton ball soaked in vodka, and placing it on the aching tooth – you can numb the pain and avoid getting tipsy. The effects of this are almost immediate, and often preferable to products like Listerine.

If you’re not a big fan of hard liquor, there’s probably a bottle sitting around the house that you never seem to get around to drinking. Whether vodka or white tequila – a lingering bottle of hard liquor can be quite annoying but useful. But before you throw it out, consider alternative uses around the house. They just may save you a trip to the store.


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