Cooking Over Fire Was Once Everyday Life; It Still Is: Find Out More With Everdure

Cooking made us humans. For most of human history, cooking over the fire was the only way to prepare a meal. According to statistics, over 3 billion people globally still cook over the fire. But guess what? Cooking over the fire hasn’t stopped either in this new generation. 

Heston Blumenthal is the pioneer of multi-sensory cooking, flavor encapsulation, and food pairing. His presence to the public was felt when he came out with unusual recipes, such as bacon and egg ice cream and snail porridge. He is the face behind Everdure. 

Cook Over Fire: Everdure Charcoal Grills 

  1. 4K

The 4K is a prime outdoor grill, smoker, and oven that allows flawless grilling results. It has touch glass controls, Fast Flame IgnitionTM, and a food temperature display. Additionally,  the 4K has internal lights for night cooking and unique airflow control, which guarantees simple temperature control. It has a cool-to-touch exterior with a double-walled heat-insulated body, which shields the outside from reaching extreme temperatures while retaining all generated heat. It also comes with everything you need: 4 x temperature probes, 1 x grill grabber, 1 x water container, 2 x cast iron grills, 1 x grill probe clip, 1 x pizza stone, 1 x charcoal tongs, and 2 x stainless steel grills. 

  1. HUB II

Do you want the ultimate charcoal experience with enhanced control? Try Everdure’s HUB II. This grill is the ultimate outdoor grilling entertainer with a cooking capacity of 506.9in2. The HUB II incorporates the HUB’s impressive power and grilling capabilities with enhanced additional automated touch controls and premium titanium finishings. The HUB II is designed with larger gatherings in mind. It allows you to show off your grilling and entertaining skills. Embers. Flames. Heat. HUB II has an authentic charcoal grilling experience. 

The HUB II is safe and easy for charcoal reloading, has a one-touch built-in rotisserie system, a Fast Flame IgnitionTM system, and has convenient built-in storage. 


Are you looking for a virtually effortless authentic charcoal grilled taste? The FUSION is your #1 solution. You will enjoy an unbeatable charcoal grilling experience with a cooking capacity of 284in2. Its simplicity makes it efficient for both newbies and pros to use it. The FUSION has a bold yet slender design. This BBQ is equipped with a hinged grill making charcoal reloading convenient and straightforward. It also has a built-in rotisserie system, powered by a discrete motor with manual multi-level height adjustment. It has a Fast Flame IgnitionTM system and can be used away from home, as you can lift the grill off its stand and place it on any surface with its freestanding legs. 

  1. CUBE

The CUBE is a convenient and portable charcoal Everdure grill. It is designed for impromptu grilling away from home. It has an integrated food-grade storage tray, bamboo preparation board, and porcelain enamel firebox, making it easy to store your food and tools, set up, cook, and clean responsibly. It also features chrome handles, which keep external heat to a minimum, making it easy to move while cooking. The CUBE has a cooking capacity of 103.9in2. There is an optional Travel Bag that is designed to protect the CUBE. It features a versatile storage compartment and contains a drawstring bag to store used dishes. For more information watch this video. 

Benefits Of Cooking Over Fire With Everdure’s Grills 

  • Flavor – Having your food or meat over the grill for a longer time helps it absorb all the smoke-flavored aroma.
  • Portability – Two of Everdure’s charcoal grills, the CUBE, and the FUSION, are portable; therefore, they can be easily maneuvered around. The HUB II and HUB have two lockable wheels, allowing for easy movement as well. 
  • Easy Maintenance – Everdure’s grills are easy to clean and maintain. 


If you are looking for the best experience cooking over the fire, Everdure is the way to go. The 4K, HUB II, HUB, FUSION, and CUBE will give you the best charcoal experience. Everdure’s range of grills and accessories are available in New Zealand, Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Asia. 

Check our Everdure’s charcoal range here. 

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