Create a Christmas Dinner on the Paleo Diet

<p>So things have changed a little bit over the past 10,000 years of human history, especially with regard to our diet. Our ancestors may have consumed as much vitamin C each day as can be found in 10 oranges and as much fiber as 12 bowls of oatmeal, according to Many people have embraced the paleo diet by moving away from processed foods in an attempt to gain metabolic harmony in the style of our ancestors. If you’re trying to stick to the paleo diet for the big Christmas meal, try these tips:</p>

<h3>Go Nuts</h3>

<p>The crunchiest of all superfoods, nuts are a popular choice for snacking on the paleo diet. Recommendations for nuts go as high up as the New England Journal of Medicine, which claims that frequent nut-eaters have lower rates of diabetes and heart disease. Nuts can be eaten on their own or as a complement to a meal, and a tangy blend of spices like cumin and cayenne pepper will make sure they disappear when everyone gathers round the table.</p>


<p>A traditional Christmas dinner usually involves ham or turkey. While both can be eaten with gusto on the paleo diet, try a new spin on the Christmas meal with fish or seafood. Not only does seafood have fewer calories and less cholesterol than those meats, but the Department of Health recommends replacing seafood with meat and fowl in order to provide higher levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Dishes like <a href=””>salmon with sriracha sauce</a> and lobster bisque can replace the carved ham in your dining room.</p>

<h3>Dips and Chips</h3>

<p>Most processed dips and creams you’d find in a grocery store have nothing in common with natural menu items. By making your own, however, you can get all the best dipping sauces you want for appetizers. A homemade mayonnaise, for instance, merely blends together egg yolk, olive oil and lemon, and it can be used in tandem with tomatoes, artichokes, garlic and onions to make a delicious dip. Build off recipes for various <a href=””>Christmas appetizers</a> by substituting homemade ingredients that fit the paleo diet. Instead of machine-processed potato and corn chips, substitute vegetables like carrot sticks and cauliflower for dipping.</p>


<p>While you need to be picky about many types of desserts on the paleo diet (alas, no ice cream cake allowed), you can still be creative with the last course of the meal. For example, you can make your own version of ice cream with coconut milk and honey instead of cream and sugar. Or, substitute almond or chestnut flour for wheat flour to make baked goods, including pumpkin pie. With cane juice, eggs, vanilla and palm oil it’s possible to make an entire <a href=””>paleo tiramisu</a> as the crowning finish to your Christmas meal.</p>

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