Burn Calories or Store Calories

Do you get worried that you’ll have to starve yourself before you can enjoy that special Holiday Time meal?

Starving is never a good way to cut calories. But you can take some steps to make it a little less heavy.

You can start an exercise program. The best activity for calorie burning is aerobic activity, such as, walking, biking, running, inline skating, and stair climbing.

If you are not into that, then simply hover your house, or do your shopping. You will be amazed how many calories you can burn doing that.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, then do some walks 10-15 minutes every day, slowly increasing the time every day.

And since most holiday occasions mean your family all gets together, why not enjoy a game of some sort – volleyball, football or catch.

But just remember that whatever activity you choose, you’ll burn those calories instead of storing them 😉

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