Battle Of The Dinosaur BBQ: Which One Is Better?

Never heard of Dinosaur BAR-B-QUE? Then you probably don’t reside in New York. Even if you do, there’s a good chance you’re not familiar with the small chain. It mostly operates near NYC or out west, with a single restaurant in both New Jersey and Connecticut. The Dinosaur idea was conceived at the Harley Rendezvous situated near Albany, New York before it began as a concession stand in 1983. Since then, the award-winning Dinosaur expanded to eight locations known for fresh food and occasional live music. So which location is your favorite?

Harlem, NY and Brooklyn, NY

NYC is filled to the brim with delectable food inspired by dishes all over the world. It’s no surprise that its residents have become picky eaters, which is why you probably why they often rate these two city locations lower on the list than those who come to the city for a quick getaway. Then again, sometimes it’s not all about the food. Location is just as important, and parking on the street can be a pain. Reviews for these locations are a little sporadic, but they still lead the pack.

Newark, NJ

Reviews for the Newark location are a little below average compared to the rest, with an average of 3.5 stars on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Parking was again a concern, and some folks complained about the subpar mac n’ cheese, overly sweet alcoholic beverages or poor service. For many, it’s a love/hate relationship. On the plus side, management is known for responding quickly to online reviews, so don’t forget to leave one if you swing by.

Troy, NY

Average reviews compare to the New Jersey standard, but you’ll want to visit Dinosaur BAR-B-QUE if you’re in Troy (not a highly recommended tourist destination in the first place). The most common complaints were of poor service, weak drinks, and overcooked ribs.

Stamford, CT

While reviews hold up, the restaurant was only just slammed with a health and safety inspection that found an array of problems, including moldy shelving units, food on the floor, and mice droppings.

Buffalo, NY

Residents of this city are no stranger to meals at Dinosaur, but the restaurant has gained greater notoriety because it sells Thanksgiving packages with all the fixings. This location’s mac n’ cheese seems to be favored above all the rest, for reasons that remain a mystery to us all.

Syracuse, NY

The Syracuse restaurant was in the news a couple weeks ago for tweeting a potentially offensive joke about stopping in “the Syracuse Dinosaur to get a ‘Robert Kraft’ aka the Jerked and Pulled Chicken Sandwich.” Not everyone was appreciative of the humor.

Rochester, NY

This location was listed by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle as one of the five best barbecue joints in the city. The reviewers take note that the best dish you might enjoy at Dinosaur is the wings!

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