5 Things That’ll Happen When You Go No Carbs

Did you know that a strict no-carb diet can increase your risk of vascular diseases and stroke?

In recent times, overweight individuals are subjected to a strict diet plan to shed some pounds. Often, these diets limit the intake of essential carbohydrates.

Carbs complement a well-balanced diet and a healthy body system. However, when it’s inadequate in the body, it increases the risk of constipation due to a lack of fiber and micro-nutrients deficiencies.

So, thinking of going on no carbs for a month or so? This blog will explain why no carb foods in your diet are unhealthy.

1. You Lose Water Weight First

Cutting out carbs from your diet can result in loss of water weight, and eventually loss of weight. This is because glycogen stored in the liver and muscle tends to be wiped out when you don’t take carbs.

Glycogen is essential as it serves as a metabolic fuel for your body tissues and helps to retain water. What’s more, when cutting carbs intake, you tend to also lose some nutritional salts since Ketosis is discharged to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

2. You Might Feel Bloated

Lack of fiber due to a carb diet can lead to abdominal distention. Fibers are rich in carbohydrates and essential for constipation since they serve as fuel sources for guts bugs in the intestine. Inadequate carbs with high fiber and excessive protein intake can lead to unhealthy microbes.

These microbes cause imbalances in the gut bacteria, leading to obesity. Furthermore, food with less fiber goes through excessive fermentation, making your body produce excessive gas, bloating, and abdominal pains.

3. You Experience Flu Symptoms

No carbs result in side effects like flu symptoms and body weakness. Cutting carb intake forces your body to burn ketones instead of glucose for energy. These symptoms are prolonged since ketones are a slower source of energy than glucose, taking much longer for the body to access it.

Additionally, this can also slow down your fitness in the gym as this micro-nutrient is restrained. When this is prolonged it may make you feel nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.

4. You Might Have Brain Fog

Eliminating the intake of carbs from your diet can affect the brain’s function. Carbohydrates are a fuel source for your brain and when restricted, the insulin hormones stay low. Insulin has two main roles in the brain regulating cognitive functions and controlling food intake.

Prolonged low levels of insulin in the brain may lead to dementia. When you don’t take carbs, the brain gets foggy due to a lack of adequate water and electrolytes transmitted to the brain by insulin.

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5. Your Breath Might Smell

Not eating carbs gets rid of excess water weight which is crucial for making saliva for digestion. This can lead to dry mouth and result in an odor.

Is a No Carbs Diet Worth It?

Having a strict no carbs diet is not recommended as seen above. Consult a reputable dietitian that will provide you with the best tips to improve your diet. They provide effective ways to lose weight and eliminate the risks of certain diseases due to weight gain.

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