5 Restaurants with The Best French Fries

5 Restaurants with The Best French Fries

Few things beat the pleasure of a fry perfectly crisped and flavored to simplistic excellence. French fries might have started in France as frites, but they’ve become an American tradition. Here are the restaurants with the most exquisite, unique French fries in the United States. Find Out More information on this site.

Hudson Square Exchange

WHERE: New York, NY

Coated in the most expensive truffle oils and fried to a light crunch, these fries offer a meaty interior that satisfies bagel lovers and fry critics. While Hudson Square Exchange’s fries seem bland at first blush, sitting on a plate resembling ordinary spuds, these are fantastic, unique samples of culinary perfection.


This Soho joint is also known for its eclectic, worldly beer selection and quick bites for businessmen on the go.

Pommes Frites

WHERE: New York, NY

If you’ve eaten in New York before then you aren’t surprised to see them make the fry list twice: this is a city and state known for its serious eats! People love to dine at Pommes Frites because the twice-fried potatoes are served in classy cones. If you want something more than the traditional Belgian-cut fries, try one of their weirder concoctions like the pomegranate teriyaki mayo or the classic Canadian poutine (fries bathed in gravy and cheddar).

Ranging from about five to eight dollars, these fry cones are worth their calorie count in cash: they are memorable and fun to eat.

Boise Fry Company

WHERE: Boise, ID

In a state known for growing spuds, cooking them just right is an art form. That’s why Boise Fry Company takes their craft so seriously. In fact, their slogan is “Burgers on the side!”

With more than 100,000 variations of fries for their experimental customers, Boise Fry Company is worth a special trip from the city center! Order ahead online and reserve yourself some of their famous purple fries with a bison burger on the side: you won’t be sorry!

Planet Hollywood

WHERE: Many Locations

Sometimes a chain restaurant can get things right, too. Planet Hollywood proves that with their perfectly battered fries. These potatoes are happy to be sliced, diced and twice-fried for customers. While people who like a crunch and pop enjoy these fries, others who prefer a fluffy inside won’t be pleased.

Another chain that does fries well is Chilis (and yes, their fries are fluffy and seasoned to perfection). Visit Planet Hollywood in Orlando to get your fill of these glorious fries. Get a Used Nissan at Pompano Nissan while you’re at it and dine in style with your friends and family. This rich experience will change your world view.


WHERE: Ocean City, MD

On the boardwalk for more than 80 years, this Ocean City tradition has been improving upon the plain potato endlessly, and they show no sign of stopping! Their fries are delicious; they are somehow seasoned by the salty boardwalk air after being fried in a unique peanut oil.

Make sure you bring a friend to Thrasher’s! Their smallest serving is 16 ounces, and they don’t take requests for smaller orders.

If you have an innate love for the spud, then these five restaurants are probably already on your conquered list! French fries have long been limited by salt and ketchup, but somehow these fry destinations have overcome the expected and discovered the limitless varieties available for fries. click here for info

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