5 Interesting Facts About Whiskey

Whiskey is a great quality drink that is perfect crown for a quality dinner. It is also a drink with a really long history and there are a lot of great things to know about this amazing drink.

Next time you are having a glass of whiskey with your friends you can share these five interesting facts about whiskey with them.

1. Whiskey Isn’t The Same As Whisky

You might not have known but there is a difference between whiskey and whisky. The Scots call their whiskey whisky and every other form of this drink must be called whiskey.

The reason for the shorter name is all about having more time to drink this great drink. And why would you waste time writing the additional e when you can just skip it and get to drinking it!

2. Only A Few Whiskey Regions

There aren’t very many whiskey regions in the world. There are five main regions and these are the whiskeys known as the Scottish, the Irish, Kentucky whiskey, Canadian and Tennessee.

There are also two big regions for whiskey in Japan and New Zealand, although there is an on-going debate whether they should even be included. Whiskey For Everyone website has a lot of information about the specific regions.

3. The Water Of Life

In Gaelic whiskey translates to mean the water of life. The Gaelic word for whiskey is “Uisge Beatha”, which phonetically sounds something like “usky”. This of course resembles the word whiskey that we use today quite a bit.

4. A Good Investment

Another great thing about whiskey is that it is quite a good investment opportunity. Buying vintage whiskey presents an opportunity for investment and you should consider this otion. This is because, unlike wine, a bottle of whiskey will stay good for 100 years if unopened.

This way you can end up making a profit with your bottle since some whiskeys see prices soar up as they age more.

And even an opened bottle of whiskey will stay good for up to five years so you don’t have to worry about it. Although why have an opened bottle lying around when you can have a glass each day?

5. Good For Your Health

Now you don’t need any big reasons to enjoy whiskey but the fact that it is thought to have a lot of health benefits is a good thing to know. Some studies even suggests that it is better for your health than red wine because it has a much higher quantity of antioxidants.

Many separate studies have found that whiskey can lower your risk of having a stroke as well as improve your heart’s health. This is a positive thing to know and even though more research is needed an occasional glass of whiskey will most likely do you more good than harm.

The above five facts are great things to know about this great drink. They make a great dinner conversation and can help you showcase your knowledge to friends and family. They are also a great reason to go and buy some quality whiskey to keep warm in the cold winter weather.

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