1. Waffles.  (without the chicken, PLEASE.)
  2. Donuts.  (I’ll take a dozen – hold the saliva.)
  3. Cream of Wheat.  (Stir in some Nutella for a taste bud orgasm!)
  4. Fried chicken.  (as long as someone else does the frying.)
  5. Mashed potatoes.  (the day there is enough gravy for ‘em is the day I know I’ve died and gone to heaven.)
  6. Green bean casserole.  (the only thing canned mushroom soup is good for, outside of cleaning grout.)
  7. Meatball sandwich.  (if it don’t drip, it’s a rip!)
  8. Grilled cheese sandwich.  (with tomato soup, natch.)
  9. Matzo ball soup.  (You were thinking we wouldn’t remember, maybe?)

10. Mac and Cheese.  (out of a box – we ain’t on Iron Chef, baby!)

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