4 Reasons To Always Use A Credit Card When Dining Out

4 Reasons To Always Use A Credit Card When Dining Out

Today’s fast-paced world has us running here and there, trying to meet the demands of daily life, maintain kids’ schedules, and run errands. Many of us don’t have the time to prepare home-cooked meals night after night. Dining out is a fun and, at times, relaxing activity that you can do when on the run or as you schedule more elaborate outings with family and friends.

Regardless of whether you go casual or formal, consider the many benefits to be had from using credit while dining out. Even a night in at the hands of Grub Hub will allow you to reap the benefits of dining on credit.

1. Picking Up the Tab for Others is Easier

Even if friends and family don’t offer to reimburse you for a meal, you may consider picking up the tab once in a while. Regular use and attention to your credit card will allow you to build a positive credit history, making you eligible for lower interest rates on high ticket items such as cars, property, etc. Every purchase and timely payment on that card will help to establish a solid credit history, one that you can draw from in times of need.

2. You’ll Earn Points for Purchases at Cooperating Retailers

Many credit card companies offer points incentives in exchange for use of their cards. In cooperation with these retailers, you’ll be able to offer discounts on valuable items, savings on purchases, and even free items from certain stores. Save up your points for a big purchase or cash in savings as you go, enjoying moderate discounts on daily purchases at stores like Target, Kohls, and Walmart. Check with your credit card company to see which retailers they currently partner with and start planning your next shopping trip with a purpose.

3. You May Earn Cash Back on Qualifying Purchases

Who knew that dining out would be so profitable? Some credit cards, in addition to points incentives, offer cash back options in exchange for spending on the card. Yes, you’ll have to spend something upfront, but getting cash back in your pocket could result in free meals for you and your whole brood if you play your “card” right. Keep track of your expenditures, and watch a percentage of your spending turn into profits that you can take to your next gathering.

4. You’ll Enjoy Discounts on Travel and Lodging

Credit card companies also partner with travel companies and hotels to provide benefits to their valued customers. Bank up those points after a night of beers with friends and you may just get discounted airfare or a free hotel room. Not only do you enjoy a thriving social life thanks to your dining card, but you can also enjoy discount travel and vacations courtesy of your card company.

Ready to Eat?

If all of this talking about dining out has made you hungry, call up your inner circle and invite them out for a delicious meal–on you! You’ll be the talk of the table as you secretly stock up on all the benefits to be had from dining on a card. Bon Apetit!

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