Spicing Up Dinner Time: 6 Different Ways to Cook Beef

Ah, beef. One of the classic staples of the American diet that’s now at the epicenter of climate and culinary controversy. While many pro-planet chefs have beef with beef, nixing it from their menus, home cooks still adore the satiety and taste it brings to the dinner table.

So, if your dinners have been missing that special something, consider trying out one of these 6 ways to cook beef.

1. Grilling: The Best Way to Cook Beef, According to Dads

You didn’t think we’d talk about the best beef recipes without mentioning the classic staple steak, did you? With a high-quality cut of beef, you can salt it on both sides, throw it on a grill or griddle for a few minutes each, and have a delicious dinner.

Of course, you can always use careful applications of seasoning and liquor to cover up a cheaper steak as well. We won’t tell anyone.

2. Grind It up and Put It in a Burger

Have you ever tried grinding your own hamburger meat? If not, you should give it a go.

Some of the best recipes using beef call for ground beef. Burgers, meatballs, spaghetti sauces, you name it. And believe you me, there’s nothing better than fresh-ground anything, be it beef or coffee.

3. Throw It in a Stew

Ready to shake off those winter blues? Cooking a massive pot of beef stew can really warm you from the inside out. Our friends at www.recipeworkbook.com have one of the best beef stew recipes with a Texan twist we’ve ever seen. Check it out!

4. Smoke It Out

Are you a fan of ribs? Ready to go crazy for a good brisket? Then smoking might be the best way to cook beef for you. While having the proper tools can prove a bit difficult, there are workarounds. For instance, if you want to enjoy smoked, shredded beef, you can cook it down in an Instant Pot and add a dash of liquid smoke to give it that smoky flavor.

5. Savor Delicious Roast Beef

You can find some amazing holiday recipes using beef during the winter months. Something about sliced roast beef has a way of warming people up, even when they’re chilled to the bone. This makes it one of the most common ways to cook beef when your extended family comes to visit.

6. Sear It in a Pan

Common knowledge would state that you shouldn’t cook beef in a pan. Common knowledge would be absolutely wrong. Some of the most unique beef recipes for Asian-inspired cuisine involve pan-searing your beef to seal in its juices. It’s also a great way to get fajita meat on short notice!

Looking for More Interesting Ways to Cook Beef?

We hope that these 6 ways to cook beef gave you some inspiration for your menu this week. However, these are far from the only amazing recipes using beef that you can find from us. If you’re a fan of food and want to learn more ways to cook it, then check out our blog for more recipes and inspirational articles like this one!

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