3 Dinner Prep Ideas to Try When Your House is On the Market

3 Dinner Prep Ideas to Try When Your House is On the Market

If your home is on the real estate market right now, then you might be looking forward to having people come and look at it. Having a residential appraiser could make the process more easy to handle. You might never know when your realtor will call to try to set up a showing, so you might want to be prepared for potential last-minute showings at all times.

Of course, this can get in the way of living your day-to-day life in the meantime. For example, you might be worried about feeding yourself and your family while keeping your kitchen clean and your schedule open. Luckily, these ideas should really help.

1. Use Your Slow Cooker

If you have a slow cooker, now might be a good time for you to put it to use. For one thing, the slow cooker is a bit more forgiving than some other cooking appliances, so if it’s cooking while your home is being shown, it won’t be a big deal if the showing lasts longer than you expected. You can even set up your slow cooker on a timer so that it will keep your food warm if this happens.

Plus, slow cooker recipes are often quite easy to throw together, so you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your cooking while you’re cleaning up and preparing your home for a showing. As an added bonus, preparing a nice meal in a slow cooker is often a great way to make your house smell really good without using a bunch of chemicals, so this can be a good way to make sure that your home is showing-ready, too.

2. Keep Sandwich and Salad Fixings in the Refrigerator

Another good idea is to keep sandwich meat, fresh produce, cheeses, and other sandwich and salad fixings in the refrigerator. Throwing together these easy meals shouldn’t be too stressful when you’re going through the process of selling your home. You should be able to throw together a last-minute meal for yourself and your family without making a big mess in your kitchen, and you can even take your sandwiches with you on the go if you want to leave the house empty for when the realtor and potential buyer arrives.

3. Treat Your Family to a Meal Out

It’s true that dining at home is usually healthier and more affordable. However, there are times when it can make a lot of sense to go out to eat instead. For example, when your real estate agent is showing your home, it’s not a bad idea to take your family out for dinner. Then, you can treat yourself and your family during this challenging time, and you can avoid making a mess in the kitchen before the showing, too.

Maintaining a sense of normalcy can be difficult or impossible when you’re going through the process of selling your home. However, with the advice listed above, you should be able to make sure that you and your family members are well-fed, even during the process of selling your family home.

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