5 Ways to Use Hats to Help Market a Restaurant

5 Ways to Use Hats to Help Market a Restaurant

If you want to make sure your restaurant is successful, you might want to start by incorporating a little hat awareness. From promotional products to good-wanting photographs of delicious food, hats can do wonders for putting a spin on an old idea. Here are five ways that a restaurant owner can use hats to help market their establishment.

1. Creating Custom Promotional Products

Hats are a great way of making anything look more appealing and eye-catching. If you think your restaurant is worth promoting, create custom hats for clients, employees, and customers. These hats can be made from felt, felt flowers, sandpaper, or even dryer-safe paper instead of regular cotton. For more information on how to make custom hats for promotional products, check out this article.

2. Customizing the Menu

Nothing keeps a customer coming back like a delicious meal. And nothing keeps a customer from returning to a restaurant that is advertising with hats. Any good-wanting photographs of the food served at your restaurant can be used as hats to advertise it. But be sure to use hats you have custom-made from the menu items. This will make them distinct from generic promotional products. You can also use hats as a way of updating the menu itself.

3. Using Hats as a Motivational Tool and Promoting the Food

All businesses, especially restaurants, need the motivation and inspiration that comes with consumers’ continued patronage. And nothing helps motivate customers to continue returning to a restaurant than hats made from the food served at the establishment. But be sure not to get too creative with your customized hats, or it might backfire on you. If a customer sees a hat made from a favorite food item, they would likely order that item when they visit your restaurant.

Restaurants are about the food. And when it comes to finding new ways to promote the food at your establishment, there is no better way than making customized hats from an original photograph of it. This will ensure your message sticks in consumers’ minds when they see other people wearing these hats. If the food pictured in the hat is something customers usually order, they will be more likely to order it when they eat at your restaurant.

4. Creating Bonuses

While custom-made hats are ideal for advertising different menu items, there is no reason why you can’t make promotional hats by taking an actual hat and adding new elements on top of it. But be sure to use hats that are the same color as the business’s logo or that can easily stand out. After all, it is difficult for consumers to tell the difference between a custom-made hat and one that happened to be added on top of another non-customized hat. Taking the time to order hats that are the same color and style as your logo will help promote your restaurant and keep consumers coming back.

5. Doing Market Research

Believe it or not, some people pay attention to promotional hats instead of food. So to get a better idea of what will sell at your restaurant, you can use market research to find out what hats people are looking for. By asking customers if they have any favorite hats, you can determine if they would like to see more promotional hats at the restaurant or see the best-looking hat. The more hats you can incorporate into your marketing plan, the better.

Hats can help any business bring in more customers. Whether you are looking to promote your menu items or need an incentive for people to continue patronizing your restaurant, hats can create much-needed excitement about your business. It is important, however, to always make the hats yourself instead of buying cheap promotional products.

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