Top 5 Atlanta Dishes

Atlanta has far more to offer the culinary world than just peaches. The southern city is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots for gastronomy on the east coast. It’s easy to see why; it’s local heritage has multicultural roots from european immigrants and african slaves in the past and latin american, middle eastern, and asian immigrants in recent years. Atlanta is truly proving itself to be a cultural hub.

If you’re in Atlanta and looking to explore some of the most diverse and delicious meals the city has to offer, check out some of these recommended dishes:

1.Hand-tossed noodles at LanZhou Ramen
If you’ve never had hand-pulled noodles, LanZhou Ramen might be the best place to give it a try. Specializing in the art of noodle-making, patrons can sit and watch their noodles being made from a window in the dining room that sees into the kitchen. The fascinating process feels like a glimpse into authentic Chinese cuisine in the middle of America’s south.

2. Fried chicken at Busy Bee Cafe
The Busy Bee cafe is truly an Atlanta staple. Founded in 1947 by Lucy Jackson, the cafe gets its name after Lucy’s encounter with a bumble bee next to a moving sign. Served with your choice of 2 veggies, cornbread, or a dinner roll, the restaurant’s fried chicken has proven itself to be one of the best spots in Atlanta for fried chicken, which is saying a lot for one of the south’s foodiest cities.

3. Lemon pepper wet wings at LT’s Wings
If there was ever a signature dish for the city of Atlanta, lemon pepper wet wings are definitely it. The dish was even featured on season one of FX’s hit show Atlanta if you had any doubts to the claim. While the show’s characters went to J.R. Cricket’s for their wing fix, LT’s Wings are also a local favorite. Given the dish’s fame, it’s ambitious to call yourself the best wings in Atlanta, but LT’s Wings have made themselves famous for being a favorite.

4. Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar
You may have heard of this burger, you may have not. One thing is for sure, you’ve never seen a burger like this. Packed high with two patties, cheese, bacon, and chili this monster of a meal will surely leave you looking for more napkins. The burger was even named by the Wall Street Journal as the best burger in America in 2007.

5. Smoked wings at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Founded by Texas natives Jonathan and Justin Fox, these brothers found inspiration in Atlanta to start a BBQ restaurant to bring the flavors of their home state to the ATL. After turning their business from backyard barbecues, to catering, to starting up their own restaurant establishment, their food continues to draw loyal and new crowds alike. Their smoked wings with homemade wing sauce are a given, and no one will judge you if you go ahead and order the 24 wings portion.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, do yourself a favor and check out these local spots.

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