The Top 5 Trending Restaurants In Sarasota Florida

When you first visit a new area there is a lot to take in. Just the challenge of finding your way around is troubling enough. To help you get acquainted with your new surroundings it is important to start finding places that you can visit. One of the first places that you will want to locate is the fine dining restaurants. Here are five great food finds you will want to visit while spending time in Sarasota, FL.

Top Trending Restaurants in Sarasota Florida

The Top 5 Trending Restaurants in Sarasota Florida

  • First on the list is the State Street Eating House. Upon entering the restaurant you will be surrounded by a Mid-Century Industrial style setting. You will enjoy original wall designs accented with elegant wallpaper while you enjoy a wide selection of roasts, salads and more. Finish off lunch or dinner with any number of drinks that are held for special occasions. If you are having an event that you need catered, contact them to take care of all your needs.
  • The Carmel Cafe iPads Tech offers visitors the chance to enjoy a brunch, lunch or a dinner at any one of their six locations. Plates include everything from seafood to chicken, each prepared the way you like it. Find a dish you like and copy the recipe from their website. Spend some time reading about them in their online press room that features stories and accounts of what others have written about them.
  • Take the time and head over and enjoy the Table to Farm dinners at King Family Farm. Here you will enjoy your meal outside at a well-set table. Dinner is set for you right in the field and everything is brought right out. Choose from a menu that is well prepared to give you an outdoor dinner that you will not forget. Enjoy live music or cooled drinks while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.
  • Move out to the Indigenous Restaurant and enjoy a number of meals prepared specially for you. They offer a side selection of options for you to choose from. Each dish is carefully made so everything looks great. You may want to call ahead for your reservation before stepping through the doors.
  • Pomona Bistro & Wine Bar offers a unique dining experience in downtown Sarasota, FL. Their menu offers a wide selection, which is a reflection of the culture of their own chefs. They try and use fresh ingredients in every dish so your meal is the best. You will enjoy food that is grown, produced, and caught right in the Sarasota, FL area. Cal ahead before leaving for the restaurant to make sure you have your reservation set.

Sarasota, FL and the surrounding area has a lot of variety for you to choose from when visiting the area. Make the memory of a lifetime by challenging your taste buds to explore these fine dining experiences before heading home. You will fall in love with the area and will look forward to returning in the near future.

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