The 5 Best Places To Eat Lunch In San Mateo

If you are one of the more than 100,000 people who reside in San Mateo, California, then you probably know that the city has a lot to offer those who live in or like to visit the Bay Area. Beyond San Francisco, it is home to one of the largest and most acclaimed theatres. It is a city of art, both old and contemporary. The Japanese Tea Garden in San Mateo’s Central Park was built to commemorate a relationship with its sister city, Toyonaka, Japan. But many people come here for one reason over everything else: the food.

Here are a few of the best places to grab a mouth-watering lunch in San Mateo!

  1. If you’re near San Mateo Central Park, you could do no better than Gao Viet Kitchen. This is especially the case if you have never had the chance to taste real Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant is sister to Ben Tre, but don’t expect the menus to be the same. When you’re there, try the Bun Mam or Lobster Banh Canh. What about the Bo Ne, Banh Beo, and Banh Cuon? Not sure what they are? That’s half the fun! Then again, you could head to the open bar for a drink.
  2. If you want more variety, head over to Attic, where you’ll find modern Asian fare from Southeast Asia, China, the Philippines, and more. In particular, we recommend you try the Long Life Garlic Noodles. This place sports a bar as well, and who doesn’t love a drink with lunch?
  3. Maybe you want something more familiar. Check out 31st Union for a rustic dining experience with modern American plates. This establishment prides itself on using only local ingredients to build its reputation, which is still going strong based on the locals’ love of devastatingly good artisanal cheeses, and you must try them if you go.
  4. You can immediately identify with the local population at Mr. Pickle’s, where you’ll find pictures of sandwich lovers who frequent. Although it is a sandwich shop, don’t go there thinking you’ll leave unsatisfied. Try one of their affordable specialty sandwiches, like The Abbott, Bearcat, or Big Mike.
  5. Who doesn’t love Italian food? B Street & Vine has you covered. If you want a healthy or light meal, try one of their garden salads or small plates. They also offer scrumptious paninis, soups, and desserts. Absolutely order a panini: you won’t regret the decision. Ask them to pair a wine with your meal if you’re ready for an afternoon nap.

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