Renovating Kitchen on a Budget with Modern Glass Cabinets

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen is often a big project that you can embark on. The average amount you can spend a kitchen renovation is not less than $22,185. However, a full-scale kitchen renovation with glass kitchen cabinets, high-end appliances, and granite counters can increase the cost to $30,000 or more. More here:

As a homeowner that has big kitchen dreams but with a small budget, your heart may be pounding hard as you are reading these numbers. Well, you don’t have to give up yet as there are several ways you can remodel your kitchen within your budget. With enough creativity, patience, and elbow grease, you will renovate your kitchen to your taste with a couple of thousand dollars or even a few hundred dollars.

No matter what your budget is, a kitchen renovation that you do will add value to your home. This is because you will get back 90% to 100% of your money when you sell the house. Apparently, you can get double your investment if you do the renovation for half the cost. I

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Fortunately, glass kitchen cabinets are still in use even after there is a reduction in the popularity of glass furniture. This is because glass is always accessible, and people appreciate it for its unique qualities. In the kitchen, people are using cabinets with glass shelves or doors because they frame items nicely and transparent nature. They will put the things in the display without showing their entire nakedness. If you don’t want to show your items to people, there are different types of glass kitchen cabinets you can choose from.

Types of Glass Kitchen Cabinets

1. Transparent – There is nothing you can hide in this type of kitchen cabinet; you must be comfortable with this before you go for it. Although most people may seem uncomfortable with this characteristic, several other people may see this as a big plus. This type of cabinet doors lets you put the items on display while maintaining the security of the things and protecting them from dust and other external materials. This is the perfect glass cabinet for minimalist interiors and small kitchens.

2. Frosted – frosted glass cabinet is the best option for those who want a glass cabinet but do not like the idea of transparency. It is also perfect for those that don’t like the fact that all the items will be put on display for people to see. Frosted glass is cool and sleek, and it looks perfect in modern kitchens. Although the frosted glass does hide the items well, it is not entirely opaque. This makes it stress-free for you to differentiate different colors behind it.

3. Textured – Textured glass comes in different types, with some types more popular than others. Some of these styles are very tricky, and they are likely to go out of style soon. When they fade out, they will leave you with an outdated kitchen design. To avoid this, make sure you stick with the simpler and more classical textured glass patterns. This type of glass is excellent from both a tactile and visual point of view.

4. Seeded – This type of glass is exceptional, and it has a very particular look. Depending on the style and source, the seeded glass comes with either tiny or large bubbles. The look of the seeded glass suits traditional and vintage decors. It also looks perfect in modern settings. It can be used to obscure the items placed in the cabinets without hiding them.

5. Leaded – Just as the name suggests, leaded glass contains a very high percentage of lead. This gives the leaded glass its unique look. It also provides it with a special and appreciated tint that makes it usable for kitchen renovation. This type of glass looks elegant with a very appealing artisanal look. It may be challenging to find. You can get alternatives like tinted or stained glass.

Renovating Kitchen on a Budget with Modern Glass Cabinets

There are several ways you can renovate your kitchen on budget; one of which is saving on specific items. One of these items you can save on is the cabinet, and others include appliances, counters, and flooring. Cabinets cost a lot when renovating your kitchen. However, with even a small budget, there are ways you can renovate your kitchen too.

1. Replace Cabinet Doors – One of the best ways to renovate a kitchen on a budget is by replacing the cabinet doors with new ones. Since the old doors might have faded away or broken, you can replace them to make them look new and better. You can bring in high-gloss doors or glass doors to create a kitchen with a sleek new look. These doors will create open shelving that will show off your most beautiful items.

2. Change the Finish – If you’re cabinet is still in good shape, but with a rough look, you can change the finish by refinishing or repainting them. To do this, take off all the glass doors, clean them and the cabinet faces. You can do the cleaning with a degreasing agent before rinsing. To repaint, sand the cabinets lightly and apply a primer; you can now use a coat or two of paint. If you have an old cabinet, you may need the help of a professional as the cabinet may contain lead.

3. Use Open Shelving – This is a modern way of renovating your kitchen. You have to ditch the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving. Open shelving makes your kitchen airy and more transparent. This is very important, especially if you have a small or dark kitchen.


Above all, renovating a kitchen with glass kitchen cabinets should not cost you a fortune. You need to plan on your budget to get this done. You also need to save on materials by shopping around and looking for second-hand materials, selling out your old stuff and focusing on the details that matter and are impactful.

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