4 Things To Consider When Buying Food Refrigerator Display Case

Marketing and attractively showcasing your items are essential for running a successful food supply company. The correct refrigerator display case may increase sales, whether you own a restaurant, patisserie, bakery, café, canteen, or bar. Various display refrigerators are offered to fit your needs, space, and price. You can check Rollergrill-international.com for the best refrigerator display cases for your food. 

There are several designs for refrigerated display cabinets. For instance, horizontal refrigerated display cabinets are suitable for a countertop, but vertical refrigerated display cabinets are upright in different sizes. Customers may view the items they hold through an open cabinet or a glass cover, a trait they share. Chilled commercial beverage coolers are also perfect for exhibiting and storing pre-packaged drinks. This blog explores four key things to consider when purchasing food refrigerated display cases. 

1. Design

The secret to raising your sales is the design of your refrigerator display cabinet. There are typically two options for chilled display cabinets: ones with straight or ones with curved glass. Which model you select will rely on the aesthetic of your business and the appearance you’re going for. A classy aesthetic is provided by smooth, sleek curved glass, which maximizes the display area. These refrigerated display cases are perfect for use on a countertop in a café, patisserie, or bakery. On the other hand, hotels, delis, and grocery stores may all benefit significantly from straight refrigerator display cases.

Choose a refrigerator display cabinet in a color that complements your interior decor and helps your items stand out. For instance, a dark atmosphere will draw attention to colorful food products. 

2. Capacity

The proportions are significant when selecting a refrigerator display cabinet. It must be able to accommodate all the necessary stuff. Assess the available floor or countertop space and decide how much room your items require. Remember to account for the access needed for models with hinged doors and the airflow needs.

Your choice will also be influenced by the kinds of goods you offer. A minor case, for instance, can be a better choice if you’re selling goods with a limited shelf life. On the other hand, you could need a larger unit if the cabinet is situated in a deli that sells a variety of cheeses, meats, and other items.

3. Shelves

The quantity and size of the objects your RDC can contain will depend on how many shelves it has. The number of frames that come standard with a cabinet increases in size. Additionally, the shelves are frequently movable, allowing you to arrange the display according to your needs.

Choose appealing shelf solutions because a refrigerator display cabinet’s primary function is to exhibit your items. By bringing products closer to the front, a tiered shelf system lets clients see the contents better. Compared to wire shelves, glass shelves enable more light to pass through, allowing you to exhibit your items more openly.

4. Lighting

With illumination, a refrigerated exhibit is complete. The most appealing lighting choices will increase product visibility and increase sales. LED lights that are bright and efficient produce less heat, which reduces energy consumption. Aside from using LED lights for the top shelf, it is also possible to employ shelf lighting to illuminate each frame individually rather than just depending on the full lighting.

In conclusion, selecting the proper refrigerator display case for your food supply business is crucial for attracting customers and boosting sales. To make an informed choice, consider the above four key factors.

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