Power Flour: Feeding The Hungry One Bug At A Time

Can you imagine eating an insect? How about an entire pile of them? That is exactly what a group of researchers are proposing as they go forward with a project that could help impoverished populations. Believe it or not, bugs are actually a great source of nutrients and could be one answer to the issue of food scarcity.

Why Insects?

Though it may be shocking to some people, insects are starting to become an increasingly common food source. Many people from all over the world consume insects to provide themselves with the protein they need. This helps them maintain a nutritious diet that actually allows these communities thrive. There are some insect species that are routinely consumed by countries that are looking to add this kind of substance in to their diet. But a new startup company wants to take things a bit farther; they are interested in adding grasshoppers to the mix and making a new type of “flour.” Their work could prove to be an innovative new culinary invention that will help many people achieve better health and nutrition.

How the Project Got Its Start

This project was initiated by a team of MBA students who are in a program at McGill University. They have already drawn some attention from parties throughout the world. The students have even won the 2013 Hult Prize, which awards a considerable amount of funding to startup projects. The team decided to call their product “Power Flour,” since it has the potential to be a very powerful method of feeding the hungry. It is amazing to think that there are those who could actually get more nutrition from this than many other types of foods.

Early Success with the Program

The team has already targeted populations in Mexico that could benefit from the flour. They are attempting to recruit farmers from the area who will be able to help harvest the product itself. If successful, their efforts will go a long way towards helping people who need better nutrition. It has been estimated that 4 million people in Mexico are living in slum like conditions. This project could provide people with much needed support as they try to achieve a healthier diet. There are some farmers that currently hand collect the necessary grasshoppers, but there has not been any mass farming of the species yet. The team from McGill is poised to help change that trend as they move in to the future.

Future Plans For Power Flour

Of course, the team recognizes that grasshoppers are just one possibility for Power Flour. They have looked into harvesting many other types of insects as well. Currently, the research team is interested in figuring out how they can incorporate palm weevils from Ghana and caterpillars from Botswana in their project. Many members of the team are vegan, so they will be ready to test out the formula as they go forward. They know that customizing the product will take some time, but they hope that the results will turn out well soon.

Only time will tell if this product is going to take off for hungry people around the globe. Investors may be interested in learning more about the future of the project as it unfolds. All of the team members are committed to making sure that the project succeeds going forward.

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