Boiling new potato or cauliflower (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Dean Dickinson

When boiling new potato or cauliflower add a 1/4 of a lemon to the water – this will stop them from gowing grey and keep them white so they can be used later.


Poaching Eggs (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Dean Dickinson

Add salt and vinegar to the water when poaching eggs it keeps the egg together whilst cooking or stir the water before adding the egg ( but only one egg at a time). Remove the egg from the water and chill in ice water to be used later. To reheat just blanch in boiling water.


Making fluffy and light mashed potatos (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Dean Dickinson

To make mash fluffy and light, just add 1 tsp of baking powder per kg of potato


How to remove smell of garlic/onions from your hands (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Dean Dickinson

To remove the smell of garlic or onions from your hands rub a tablespoon of salt mixed with a little water and rub for a few seconds then rince under cold water.


Cooking Steak (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Becky Wallas

When you want steak to be cooked rare but dont want to have to cut it in half, when you assume its done push on it lightly then push on your cheak and if it feels just like your cheak it is perfect!
Easily Cut and Peel Garlic (KitchenTips)

Submitted by Jeff

I know a great way to easily cut AND peel garlic at the same time. All you have to do is smash the garlic under the side of the knife on your cutting board. Just lay it down, put the kife on top, apply force, and the peel is off like that. all you have to do is pick it off.
Cookie Baking (KitchenTips)

Submitted by Matt Worthy

When you bake cookies and they come out too hard, simply put the cookies in a bag with a piece of bread overnight .

The cookies will absorb the moisture out of the bread and will be soft in the morning!
Buying Green Beans (KitchenTips)

When buying snap beans (green or yellow) look for a fresh, bright appearance with good color.

Pick young, tender beans with crisp, firm pods.

It is best to avoid wilted bean pods or pods with blemishes or decay.

Beans with thick, tough fibrous pods were picked past their prime.
Peeling Kiwi Fruit (KitchenTips)

Submitted by Tina Moran

I have found that the easiest way to peel a kiwi fruit is to first use my Pampered Chef Cook’s Corer to remove both the root and stem ends of the kiwi.

Then, using a ordinary spoon from your flatware set, insert the spoon between the skin and the meat of the fruit. Turn the spoon completely around the fruit until the skin is seperated from the meat.

The entire peeled kiwi will then simply slip out of its skin and it is ready to be sliced.


Peel Garlic Cloves (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Sandra V.

To peel garlic cloves quicker, microwave them first for 10 seconds. They pop out of their skin instantly.
The Seven Keys to Delightful Dining (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Caterina Christakos

Many of us have grown accustomed to the American strategy of dine and run. There are more fast food restaurants in this country than in the rest of the world combined. It is time to get back to a simpler, more enjoyable way of savoring our food.

Here are the Seven Keys to Delightful Dining

1) Set aside at least an hour, once a week, to truly sit down and enjoy a meal.
2) Take slow bites and savor your food. Let each morsel melt on your tongue.
3) Set your fork down between bites and allow yourself to enjoy a slower, more relaxed dining experience, for a change..
4) Set the atmosphere for relaxation with wine, beautiful music and soft lighting or make reservations for your favorite romantic restaurant.
5) Savor a good bottle of wine. Allow the aroma to take you away to a vineyard in Italy or a wine cellar in France. Drink it slowly and enjoy each smooth refreshing sip.
6) Dress for the occasion. Whether you choose your favorite Italian restaurant or create your own romantic atmosphere at home, dress in clothes that make you feel beautiful, sensual and desirable.
7) Cap off your night with the most decadent dessert you can think of. Allow the chocolate or a creamy crème brulee to melt deliciously on your tongue. Linger over it and make it last. Then wash it down with the best coffee or espresso you can find.


Storing apples and carrots (KitchenTips)

Submitted by:Lori C

Dont store apples and carrots in the same fridge compartment. The apples emit a gas that makes the carrots bitter.

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Two Inexpensive Tender Steak Cuts That Alot of People Don’t Know About. (KitchenTips)

Posted 31 March, 2003 by PAF-News

Submitted by: Steve HLinka

1. Top Blade Steak-also known as a chicken steak.
It’s from the top blade muscle that runs on the side of the shoulder. You can grill, pan fry, braise, and broil this cut. Don’t be fooled by what it looks like, it’s very tender, and only cost around $2.99 lb

2. Chuck Eye Steak-sometimes called a Delmonico.
It’s part of the rib eye muscle. When they break the chuck of the animal, they count in two ribs. That’s where the chuck eyes come from.

These tender steaks are exellent for grilling, and broiling. The cost average is from $2.99 to $4.99 lb. Wait till they go on sale, and stock up.

If you have any questions on more tender inexpensive cuts of meat, e-mail me at:
I answer all.
Buying Ground Meat (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Steve HLinka

1.You should go to a grocery store that will grind something in there small grinder for free.
2.Wait for a good sale on any kind of roast that has the name chuck on it.
3.It should be lower, or around the same price as the ground meat already in the meat case.
4.Have the meat cutter or butcher grind the meat twice.

You now have the best tasting hamburger you can get. It can be as lean, or as fatty as you want, depending on what kind of roast you pick out to be ground.

If you have any other questions about what meat to buy for your favorite recipes, email me at:
An easy way to steam veg! (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Kerry

Simply place a colander over a pan of boiling water, tip prepared veg in and put a lid over the top for 10-12 mins. The veg will be cooked and crunchy but be careful as the colander will be hot!

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An easy way to remove skin from kiwi fruit (KitchenTips)

Posted 30 January, 2003 by PAF-News

I always used to peel kiwi’s, but a friend of mine showed me an easy way to remove their skin and I’ve never looked back … simply cut the kiwi in half and with a teaspoon scoop the fruit out. You will end up with a perfect kiwi half!

Peeling Kiwi (KitchenTips)

Submitted by: Renee Hankins

When peeling kiwi, I have found that my Pampered Chef Cheese Knife peels the brown skin of the kiwi off very easily instead of ending up with less kiwi than desired with a paring knife.
Washing Dishes (KitchenTips)

Submitted by Therese Firment

When washing dishes in your dishwaher, use white vinegar in the rinse compartment instead of those expensive rinse solutions. My dishes have never been more clean and they actually squeak.

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