Jenny Craig Diet Review and Recipes

The Jenny Craig diet categorized as a balanced diet and it was designed for people who want to lose weight and develop healthier eating habits. The objective of the diet is to help people lose 2 pound of fat every week. The idea of the diet revolves around reducing the amount of calories that you consume every day by eating prepackaged meals. You will also learn how to correctly balance your meals in order to maintain your weight in the future. For the best results one should join the Jenny Craig course in order to be personally coached and supported by other members in the course. On top of that, many dietarians work for Jenny to tweak diets for specific body types.

The diet provides you with a meal and an exercise plan that you must follow every day.  It is difficult to follow this program if you do not live near a Jenny Craig gym. Still, it is a great diet to follow if you are looking to lose weight and if you have a strong enough will power to stick the prepackaged meals set out for you. So far the diet has produced no serious health hazards or side effects.

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