In the Mood for a Sweet Treat? 7 Ideas for You

Do you often feel that a delicious dessert could make your day infinitely better? You are not alone. There are good reasons why we crave sweets so often. Science says that we’re programmed from an evolutionary standpoint to love sweets because they’re a powerful energy source. So, you shouldn’t feel guilty for giving in to temptation. You can find many healthy sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, low to moderate sugar intake can improve your energy levels and put you in a good mood for the day.

         Are you in the mood for a sweet treat? Do you find yourself thinking of cookies, cakes, candies, pies, or dessert rolls? Here are seven ideas to please your sweet tooth.

1.    Order A Batch of Fresh and Delicious Gourmet Cookies

Even if you love being in the kitchen and experimenting with flavors, you may not always have the time, energy, and patience to prepare your favorite desserts or try new recipes. Why not rely on pastry chefs who make desserts for a living and have the experience and know-how to create the most delicious combinations of flavors and textures? Order a batch of fresh gourmet cookies, and you may discover new favorites. Are you interested? Check the cookie shops in Utah for award-winning cookies and memorable flavors.

2.    Try An International Dessert

Another way to satisfy your sweet tooth in grand style is to try an international dessert. If you feel adventurous enough, you can prepare a dessert from around the world yourself. There are dozens of easy recipes you can make with local ingredients available in the average supermarket. But the easiest way to sample desserts from around the world is to visit ethnic and international restaurants in your area or place an order online. Tasting the Turkish baklava, Indonesian kolak pisang, Italian almond biscotti, British plum pudding, Portuguese pasteis de Nata, or the authentic Italian tiramisu is an unforgettable journey of the senses. And preparing these desserts at home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the kitchen.

3.    Try New Takes on Classic Desserts

We all love classic desserts like apple and pumpkin pies, rice and banana puddings, pavlova cakes, cheesecakes, or custards. They remind us of childhood holidays and happy family moments. But even though we like classic desserts because they’re delicious and bring back the taste of familiar flavors, sometimes we crave something unique and surprising. If you love classic desserts, a good way to rekindle your interest in them is to try new versions of well-known recipes. Blogs, magazines, and cooking shows can introduce you to dozens of reiterations of beloved desserts. So, give it a try!

4.    Go for Easy Winners: Fruit Pies

When in the mood for a sweet treat, go for a simple but effective solution: fruit pies. Incredibly versatile, fruit pies are easy to make and the ideal choice even for special occasions. All you have to do is add your favorite fruit to a pie crust. It’s as simple as that, and the rewards surpass the effort put into making. You cannot go wrong with cherry, strawberry, apple, blueberry, or peach pies. For the ultimate taste, consider using seasonal fruits because they’re more likely to have a strong flavor. You can combine various fruits or add nuts and seeds for a crunchier texture. Avoid canned fruit if possible.

5.    Give Sugar-Free Desserts A Chance

When we think of sweet treats, we involuntary think of sugar because sugar is the ingredient that makes desserts so addictive. Our taste buds crave sugar and convince us that there’s nothing better out there. Unfortunately, high sugar intake is associated with many health issues. The good news is that sugar-free desserts are a real thing and taste like the real thing. If you worry about sugar or calorie intake, consider giving sugar-free treats a chance to surprise you. Most sugar-free recipes use natural sweeteners and fruit, which are healthier alternatives to refined sugar. So, sugar-free desserts still have that beloved sugary taste.

6.    Try New Ice Cream Flavors

When it comes to sweet treats, ice cream can never disappoint. With dozens of unique flavors and flavor combos, there’s always something new to try. However, if you truly want to spoil yourself, forget about that cheap supermarket ice cream. Go to an ice parlor and choose a flavor you’ve never tasted before. Forget about caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. Try green tea, lavender, mint, or pumpkin ice cream instead. As an alternative, you can use store-bought ice cream as a base to develop your own homemade ice cream recipes. Soften the ice cream in the mixer, add it to a bowl, then ornate it with chopped bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, or marshmallows. Another idea is to chop nuts and pistachios, mix them with honey, and then add them to your ice cream bowl.

7.    Last But Not Least: Improvise

Are you in the mood for a sweet treat but don’t have the option to go out or order online? In this case, your only option is to prepare a dessert at home, but you may be limited by the ingredients you already have available. Your best bet is to improvise with what you have around. Caramel popcorn, banana bread, fresh fruit with yogurt dip, frozen yogurt with honey and peanut butter, honey-roasted nuts are only a few examples of delicious treats that can quickly satisfy your sweet tooth. Fresh and dried fruits and nuts can be the base ingredients for a wide range of desserts.


         The universe of delicious cookies, cakes, candies, pies, and dessert rolls is vast. If you love sweet treats, it can be challenging to resist the ridiculous number of temptations in pastry shops. And sometimes, resisting the temptation doesn’t make sense. A delicious dessert can make regular days, celebrations, and holidays more memorable. Visit your local pastry shops. Experiment with simple dessert recipes. Create new desserts from scratch using only your favorite ingredients. And use the tips above to discover new and tasty sweet treats.

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