Halloween Dessert Ideas

Besides Christmas, there are few holidays that kids look forward to as much as Halloween – when imaginations can run wild.

All kids love deserts – so make this part of your evening. It’s easy to scare up a supernatural selection of Halloween treats and deserts.

To make it holiday perfect, pick Halloween colors – like orange and black, and fall flavors like pumpkin. And focus on Halloween shapes and themes. With some fun imagination, it’s easy to turn cookies, muffins, cakes and candies and more into jack o lanterns, spiders, tombstones, severed fingers, eyeballs and more.

These creepy creations and scary snacks will delight your little ghosts and goblins.

Candy or Caramel Apples – Mostly fruit, so it’s a healthier choice. Take crisp, tart apples and cover with cinnamon-flavored crunchy hard candy. Or try Chocolate Caramel Apples. Just cover crisp apples with caramel and then chocolate. For extra deliciousness, coat them with bits of your favorite chopped candy bars.

Deviled Drinks – Be sure to remember beverages! A super fun idea is eyeball punch – use a red juice such as grape or cranberry. Then add lychees, each stuffed with a large blueberry. Guaranteed to give the chills – and refresh as well! Green-Goblin Punch is another favorite – kids love how gross it looks — and how good it tastes.

Eyeball Donuts. Just pick up your favorite donut holes and some white chocolate on your way home. Melt the white chocolate over the donut holes, then top with a circle of green or blue food gel. Then top with a piece of black candy, and voila – sweet eyeball treats.

Pumpkin Pleasers – One of the great flavors of fall, pumpkin can be enjoyed so many ways. One of the easiest is pumpkin seeds. When carving out your pumpkins, set aside these super nutritious tasty seeds. Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Seeds are candied, then tossed with pumpkin pie spice, sugar and salt. Easy to prepare – and hard to stop eating! Or how about Pumpkin Cupcakes, which look – and taste – like pumpkins!

Beastly Bakery – One of the best ways to make a holiday app is with shapes. It’s fun to invite kids into the kitchen, with cookie cutters shaped like ghosts, witches, spooked cats and more. Chilled dough can be transformed into a variety fun-to-eat Halloween treats. Why not try Chocolate Ghost Cakes or White Meringue Ghosts?

Scary Shapes How about Witch Hats? Take a well-rounded scoops of ice cream, then top with a chocolate cone “hat”. Then use chocolate buttons to make the witches eyes, and chocolate sprinkles or drizzle to make the hair. Spooky Muffins are easier yet – just make your favorite dark muffins. Then on one side of the top, press two M&Ms lengthwise into the muffin, to resemble spooky eyes. Boo!

Spooky Spider Webs – It’s easy to make to transform anything to spider webs. Try Spider Lollipops, a easy treat that are made with pipe cleaners and lollipops. Or how about Spider Webs, crunchy pretzels covered with a web smooth, sweet white chocolate? Or try Candy Spiders: chocolate, marshmallows, and rice cereal, and make scrumptious spiders that little ghosts and ghouls will love to eat.

This is a guest post by Mark Lynch. Mark recommends reading more about culinary arts, tips, and tricks on Chefs.edu.

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