How to make Colombian-style coffee at home

Experience the greatness of Colombian coffee with its renowned rich flavor and aroma that is a staple in Colombian culture. If you are an avid coffee lover, indulge in the unique and complex taste of one of Colombia’s greatest exports with your favourite desserts or snacks. Explore the distinct flavors found in this flavorful type of coffee for a truly rewarding experience. Let Colombian coffee be your cup boasting its richness that’s sure to satisfy each and every time you take a sip. Treat yourself to the delicious Colombian flavor found only in this enchanting aroma of quality coffee. Uncover the exquisite fondness this cultural beverage presents as you take in its irresistible smell and delectable taste. In this article, we will discuss how to make Colombian-style coffee at home without going to the bakery near me.

What you’ll need to make Colombian style coffee

If you are ready to brew the perfect cup of coffee made with Colombian beans, be sure to search for beans that are high quality and freshly roasted. They can easily be found in most specialty coffee shops or online. As for the water – filtered or bottled provides the best results. But don’t forget about the grinder! That’s absolutely essential for grinding the beans just before brewing with a drip coffee machine or French press. Sugar is optional – if you like it sweet, just add sugar to taste when the coffee is done. Voila – you will have delicious Colombian style coffee in no time!

Steps to make Colombian style coffee at home

Before brewing the desired cup of coffee, consider grinding the beans. A coffee grinder is best used here. The grind required will depend on your brewing preference – medium for drip makers and coarse for French presses. Make sure to grind the coffee beans as close to brewing time as possible to get the optimal flavor in your cup! Extraction of coffee flavors can be fully optimized with freshly ground coffee. By grinding just before brewing, you’ll release all of the delicious nuances that make coffee so exquisite. Don’t let those well guarded secrets go wasted! Enjoy that freshly brewed miracle in warm mornings and delightful evenings.

To gauge, one tablespoon of ground coffee per each six ounces of water is generally recommended. If a bolder flavor is preferred, two tablespoons per six ounces can drive that much needed flavor without becoming too bitter for some palates. As an important rule of thumb though, always measure the coffee correctly.

Boil the water. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can do it with a regular tea kettle on your stove, or if you just need a quickly heated mugful, get creative and try using your microwave.

Once the water is boiling, it’s time to get your coffee machine ready. Get that old reliable drip brewer of yours preheated by running hot water through for about 10 seconds before adding your freshly ground coffee grounds. Enjoy your cup!

Grab the coffee grounds: Going to need those coffee grounds! Pick up a bag of your favorite blend or grind your own beans if you have the equipment.

Pour over hot water: If using a drip coffeemaker, add hot water from your kettle directly onto the grounds as directed. For French press, pour hot water into a pot containing coffee grounds and make sure that every grain is fully soaked in order for your coffee to have its full strength when brewed.

Steep: Depending on which method has been chosen, wait 4-5 minutes until grounds are saturated and settle at the bottom. For French press users only: rest easy while they steep…you don’t have more work left until the next step!

Press down on plunger: French press fiends—it’s now your turn. After steeping is complete, set aside timer and slowly press down on plunger handle monitoring every move ensuring each delicious sip was well worth every moment waiting (can’t touch this


Now that you know all the steps involved in making Colombian-style coffee, you’re ready to take the plunge and redeem its unique flavor experience in your own home! To make your café group just right, choose high-quality freshly ground coffee beans, heat them on the mean flame, pour boiling water through the coffee grounds and keep the ratio just right. The coffee should be served in black or with additions like panela or rock candy which are special Colombian products but if you can’t find these that’s no problem! Now get yourself a mug and dive into the irresistible aroma of genuine Colombian origin! Finally, don’t forget to savor each sip as you wind away. After all, ‘s said and done, there is nothing else like confidently saying…I brewed it myself!

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