For the Love of Food: Get Recognition for Your Recipes Online

There’s a certain kind of frustration that comes from having a delicious apple streusel cheesecake recipe, and yet no audience to appreciate it. If you’re tired of your recipes not getting the recognition they deserve, here are a few tips for garnishing your virtual plate.


Find A Niche

Before you do anything else, decide how you’re going to sell yourself. What will be your specialty? How will other people define you in their links and directories? Think about specific cuisines (Italian, German) or specific meals (breakfast, desserts) or even specific foods (casseroles, vegetarian plates, low-calorie options, et cetera). Find something you excel at and make it your own.


Create An Excellent Website

If you want people to find your recipes, make sure you have them all gathered in one place! Build yourself a nice, neat website with an easy-to-use filing system for all your recipes. Don’t just toss them online and call it a day; sort them into types, arrange them by prep times, categorize them by difficulty level, or number of ingredients required. Make it easy for your readers to browse.


Become A Brand

Which sounds better: I just love this new chicken dish from Mama June’s or Yay, they’ve added a new recipe at RecipeLand6003? Give yourself a proper name and purpose if you want to stand out from hundreds of other cooking websites. Sites like can help you establish a brand identity and learn how to market it effectively.


Embrace The Competition

Instead of seeing other recipe sites as your rivals, use them as friends and resources and opportunities for free advertising. Link to one another; cross-promote any contests or giveaways; try each other’s recipes, and then review them. If you build a community that’s as warm and welcoming as winter’s hot cocoa, you’ll enjoy a much wider readership than you would as a cold and aloof webmistress.


Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Pictures can make or break a recipe website. Think about it; when do you get inspired to cook something? Is it when you’re reading the details of ingredients and serving sizes, or is it when you reach the end, and see the mouth-watering pictures of the final product? Treat all your recipes like your daughter’s first day at kindergarten. Pick up your camera and immortalize everything.


Cooking is a joy best shared. Follow these tips and you’re sure to increase your profile, and build a large, loyal following of fellow recipe fans. All you need is some planning and good food. Strike while the oven is hot!

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