Everything You Wanted to Know About Artisanal Food Subscriptions

Have you ever had a care package sent to you, filled with things only someone very close to you would know you like? That is the feeling that artisanal food subscriptions create. It’s the feeling of surprise you get when given a gift, plus a whole lot of fun. While food subscriptions began some time ago, it has taken off in a large way within the last couple of years. And it now appears to be a permanent fixture on the food horizon.

Here’s what you should know about them.

What are artisanal food subscriptions?

Gourmet food subscriptions are a way for you to get a select choice of little-known but well-made foods in a box. These kinds of subscriptions are frequently monthly, though some do offer an every-other-week shipment. You don’t get to choose what goes into the box. That is up to the taste of the subscription you have chosen. But expect to be wowed. Often, the selling point for these types of surprise boxes is that you’ll receive gourmet goods that are likely hard to source in your local area.

What type of subscription food boxes are there?

From a monthly snack box to boxes that source farm produce, just about all types of foods have been joining in on the fun. There are artisanal boxes for coffee lovers, bacon enthusiasts, Japanese food items, and so much more. There are also boxes that focus on products from a certain area, foods that are gluten-free, or intriguing foods for the vegetarian.

Why should you have a food subscription?

Are you a foodie at heart, but find it difficult to truly indulge yourself? You barely make it to the gym, let alone to your favorite food import store. Food subscriptions bring all the goodness straight to your door. And they surprise you each time. With each box being a little different, there is little chance you will get bored. There is no reason your taste buds should suffer when your work hours are exploding.

Food subscriptions are also a great way to keep healthy treats in your house. We all know what happens when people get busy. Our diet tends to turn toward the super processed junk- and fastfood options. But simply by ordering a food subscription, you can get nutritious snacks and foods delivered straight to you. With the assurance of the items being chosen with discernment and care.

It should not be surprising that food subscriptions also make for excellent birthday or holiday gifts. Sign up a loved one to receive a monthly box of their favorite thing. It will be the gift that kept on giving throughout the year. And just imagine, you could be the one to introduce them to their new favorite drink, snack, or food!

What are some good options for artisanal food subscriptions?

The options are pretty much limitless. Just think of what types of food you wish you had more of in your house, and start there. Do you want to source food that is cruelty free? Perhaps you have grown bored of the gluten-free selection at your supermarket and are looking for tastier options? Are you a Francophile and would love a box of treats from France? Maybe you are a busy mom, and you want to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks? Just do a search for the type of box you are interested in subscribing to and you will find an amazing amount of options.

As with all purchases you make, you should read the customer reviews to help narrow down your choices. Not all services are equal in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, so do your research. Because subscription services rely on you being satisfied with each shipment, for the most part you can expect a quality order. And if others have been fully satisfied with their experience, chances are you will be too.

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