Don’t Taste A State, Taste A Commonwealth

There are regions of the United States, and even some states, that have their own dialects in language, and their own tastes in food.  Oh sure, you can take a summer vacation and experience all the unique sights in a state or city, but sometimes you don’t really experience a part of the country until you taste some of the food.

Now there are foods that are pretty universal all across the country – like apple pie – but every region of the country might have its own twist on that particular dish, such as an area that uses different apples, or different ingredients for the crust, or has ice cream or whipped cream – or “naked” pie is the favorite.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is no exception to this, as it not only has its own twists on common favorites, but it has its own native food items that are sure to give you good taste memories of a visit to Richmond or Colonial Williamsburg.

One of the signature Virginia foods is homemade peach cobbler, as peaches are grown well in the area. Virginia does have its share of coastline near Chesapeake Bay, and a couple of favorite dishes come right out of those Mid-Atlantic waters: Chesapeake Bay crabs and oysters.

Crabs, oysters and cobbler are things that can be found in lots of other places, but if you want to know about good regional foods in Virginia, consider Brunswick stew – if you can stand a spoon up in it, then you have a high-quality item. Or consider stone-ground pancakes as a fun breakfast treat to go with your ham biscuits (yes, another Virginia dish).

We all hear a lot about which barbecue is the best – Kansas City or Memphis? Well, before you decide, you might want to consider another candidate – Virginia barbecue. Oh, and you know what might go pretty well with that Virginia barbecue? How about a glass of some special Virginia wine, with a handful of Virginia peanuts as an appetizer? Yes, Georgia isn’t the only place for peanuts, and California is not the only home for quality grapes!

Every part of the country has its own taste in food, and its own interpretations of common favorites, and Virginia is certainly no exception to either of those. It is one thing to check out all the colonial and Civil War history in the area, but you owe it to yourself and to your taste buds to make sure to at least try the local food fare. Taste buds rarely forget, and taste can provide long-lasting memories of every state (or commonwealth) you visit on vacation.

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