Is Plum Pudding For Real? You Bet – Here’s The Recipe

Delicious recipes during the holiday season make your mouth water just thinking about them. No matter how many times you taste this recipe you will not be able to get enough. There are so many occasions to use this recipe, but holidays are extra fun. Families around the world have served delicious plum pudding, and you have all the ingredients right here in this recipe, so your can make it anytime. Wow your friends with this scrumptious dish. However, keep their fingers out of the dish; they really need to wait until you finish, no kitchen samplers. I promise you, this dish will have your whole house as if it tastes delicious.

Food is a universal thing. It is fun, it starts conversations, and plum pudding tops the list of great conversation starters. This dish is easy; the ingredients do all the works. If you are not a great cook, this recipe will give you the reputation as a great one. If you like, take a tiny bit of the recipe, and let those sitting around drooling have a taste test, this will make the process fun. However, keep away from the cognac; it is off limits, recipe only. Your kitchen will be the stopping place for delicious food when you prepare recipes like plum pudding. Is plum pudding for real? You bet.


¼ Teaspoon of nutmeg

1 Cup of flour

½ Pound of dried raisins, cut finely

½ Pound of ground suet

3 Beaten eggs

¼ Pound of finely diced glazed orange peel

1 Teaspoon of salt

Soak three slices of bread in 1/2 cup of apple juice

1 Teaspoon of sugar

Hard sauce (Only if you like)

½ Cup of brandy and cognac

½ lb of dried currants, soaked with two tablespoons of cognac and covered with hot water

¼ lb of delicious flavored kumquats, diced

Now throw ¼ lb glazed lemon peelings, nicely diced

1 Teaspoon of cinnamon

1 Teaspoon of baking soda

½ lb of citron, finely diced

¾ Teaspoon of mace

½ lb of walnuts, chopped finely

1 Cup of dark brown sugar

1/3 Cup of black currant jam or if you like, preserves

With this recipe, brandy is poured over the dish. This recipe is cooked like a cobbler so have no fear in preparation, once cooked place in fridge to cool.

With this recipe, days of family sitting unable to wait until you finish cooking will return. The aroma of this recipe is tantalizing. In this day and age when almost everything comes out of a package or a jar, homemade plum pudding is a real delight. Finding the time to cook is difficult for some, but when you make a homemade recipe it, makes up for all the time you could not stop to cook.

This delicious mixture of eggs, fruit and flavoring has delighted families for centuries. The recipe has traveled throughout Europe and crossed generations. It is delicious and now available at your table by way of this easy to prepare recipe. Anyone can prepare this wonderfully easy at home dish.

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