Best Ways to Bulk Up to Get Stronger in the Gym

Most people go to the gym to lose weight or improve cardio, but a lot also use the gym to bulk up with muscle and get bigger. Strength usually has a direct correlation to how big you are. The bigger you are, the more weight your body can support or move around. Of course, this is not always the case, but the strongest people are usually pretty big.  

There are many ways to bulk up, here are some tips on how to get bigger so you can lift more weight in the gym: 

Protein Supplements 

Protein powder is one of the must-have supplements for bulking up and gaining weight if you want to get stronger. The body needs proteins as it is a building block for muscle structure. There are all kinds of proteins that range in flavors (chocolate, vanilla), dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian), and prices. Regardless of your budget or needs, protein powder comes in a wide range of types that will help you beef up. 

Fast Food 

Seriously? Yes, seriously. Fast food does not get the credit it deserves sometimes. Professional, bodybuilders, and strongmen all indulge in some fast food to help them reach the calories and macronutrient ratios they need to keep up with their exercise and training. Due to the fact that a lot of fast food is calorie-dense is perfect for gaining weight to put on mass, if you look at the jollibee menu you can see that there are all kinds of good options too. Chicken and beef are protein-heavy and will give you more weight to mold and sculpt into muscle, and it is fine to eat in moderation. 

Low Reps, High Weight 

When working out extensively, you burn a lot of energy and calories. This means that you will be sweating a lot and losing weight. While cardio and high repetition workouts are great for building muscle and getting fit, doing low repetition exercises but increasing the weight will strain your muscles to the point where they will grow immensely.

Many athletes like bodybuilders or powerlifters do squats or deadlifts for three to five reps at a time, but they add much more weight where they know it will only be possible a few times. By putting such heavy load stress on your body, the muscles will contract a lot and repair even bigger when they are healed. That is how to grow shoulders the size of boulders or giant legs. 


Getting bigger does not mean you are not getting more fit. Although some people think that the purpose of going to the gym or working out is to lose weight, there are still some that want to put on weight, gain mass, and get bigger. By following these tips, like using protein powders and supplements, eating a high amount of calories through quick sources such as fast food, and doing higher weight at lower reps, you can reach those goals. Getting bigger will help you lift more weight and get stronger. 

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