Asparagus – Choosing, Storage and Cooking Tips

Buying Asparagus:

Green asparagus is the most common variety compared with the costly, imported white and the newly-developed red varieties. When buying asparagus, make sure they have firm, unblemished stalks with tightly closed tips. Stalk thickness is a matter of preference – thin stalks have a grassy, young taste and the thick – a bit more succulent.

Asparagus are available from March through June, although imported asparagus may be found all year round.


To store asparagus – refrigerate, upright, in a container of water. If space is a problem, wrap bottom of stalks in a damp paper towel and seal in a plastic bag in the refrigerator up to four days.

Quantity and Nutrition:

1 pound is about 15 stalks
1 pound, trimmed and peeled equals 3 cups
1 serving is 1/2 pound

Asparagus are rich in vitamin A and C.
1 cup has 35 calories.

Cooking Tips:

When cooking, please note that asparagus stalks have an outer fibrous membrane that should be removed with a vegetable peeler before cooking. Snap off tough ends of stalks before cooking.

Cook in salted boiling water for three to four minutes or steam for five to six minutes.