8 Health Benefits of Watermelon You Did Not Know

We all know the watermelon. It is an incredibly delicious and mouthwatering fruit. Almost everyone around the world likes to eat the fruit. Like many people you may also just eat the fruit and throw away the seeds, you do not know the benefits that these seeds offer for your health, skin, and hair. Like many other fruit seeds, the seeds of watermelon have an abundance of proteins, minerals and fatty acids. These seeds are also rich in potassium, manganese, zinc, Vitamin B Folate, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. Another fact which you may not know is that these seeds provide a lot of energy; you will get 600 calories from a 100 gram of watermelon seeds.

Watermelon is quite famous in Asian cuisines. People of the sub-continent love this fruit. They also use the seeds to garnish the salads and eat raw. People in Nigeria use these seeds to prepare soups. The oil from the watermelon seeds is beneficial for your hair.

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Benefits for Health

You must not throw these seeds away. The watermelon seeds have an abundance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients good for the health. You can eat these seeds raw. Chew these seeds properly before you swallow otherwise the stomach will not digest them. Here are a few health benefits of these seeds

  1. You cannot neglect the importance of amino acids for good health. Our body produces many amino acids, but a few of these come from the diet. These are the ones which you need to provide you body by eating food that is rich in amino acids such as the watermelon seeds. The Watermelon seeds are rich in glutamic and tryptophan amino acids. These seeds are also rich in Lysine which is helpful for calcium absorption. It is also rich in arginine. It is a compound that is suitable for the sexual health, metabolism, and also the cardiovascular system.
  1. Magnesium is vital for proper functioning of the heart, and thankfully the watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium. If you have just 80 grams of watermelon seeds, it will fulfill your daily requirement for magnesium. It helps retain normal blood pressure, proper functioning of the heart, and also helps with metabolism.
  1. Lycopene is an excellent compound for improving the male fertility, and Watermelon seeds are rich in lycopene.
  1. If you are on Vitamin B supplements, then consider eating these seeds. Watermelon seeds are rich in Vitamin B. these seeds have the Vitamin B which has Folate, Niacin, Thiamine, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and also the Pantothenic acid. All these nutrients are excellent to maintain a healthy nervous system, immunity, and healthy blood.
  1. The watermelon seeds also have properties to treat diabetes. You can prepare the tonic quickly by boiling the watermelon seeds. Take the water every day just like tea.
  1. The watermelon seeds also have properties to sharpen the memory.
  1. The watermelon seeds are an excellent source of energy. These seeds have both the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat that includes omega-6. So, if you eat watermelon seeds, you will get a healthy dosage of essential fat.
  1. Many countries around the world have people suffering from protein deficiency. It leads to deadly diseases. As the watermelon seeds are rich in proteins, it makes them perfect for getting rid of the protein deficiencies. If you eat one cup of watermelon seeds, you will get 30g protein. It is quite a significant amount of protein. It will help you grow; make your muscles and bones strong. It also makes your skin healthier.


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