6 Items to Upgrade in a Restaurant’s Commercial Kitchen

6 Items to Upgrade in a Restaurant's Commercial Kitchen

The food industry is a competitive one, and restaurants need to keep up with the latest trends to stay on top of their game. If you own or manage a restaurant, it’s important to know what needs upgrading in your commercial kitchen.

This is where proper kitchen equipment enters the picture.  With proper equipment for your commercial kitchen, you can prepare food safely and efficiently. You can meet the demands of your customers, comply with health regulations, and create a professional environment. All these can provide your customers with a positive impression of your restaurant business

In this post, we will discuss six items that have been identified as necessary for modern kitchens but may not have been considered by your business yet!

1. Ovens and Ventilation

Ovens are one of the most essential appliances that need to be upgraded in a restaurant’s commercial kitchen. There are many different types out there, but it is recommended that you invest in convection ovens for their ability to cook food quickly and evenly while using less energy than traditional ovens. The ventilation system should also be thoroughly examined because the design of the ventilation system is crucial for preventing fires and minimizing smoke in your kitchen. Some common types of ventilation systems for your commercial kitchen include hood systems that remove grease, smoke, and heat from the air; makeup air systems to ensure the area has fresh air to breathe; and ductless hoods, which are ideal for small kitchens.  

2. Sinks

Everyone knows that cleanliness is key to a good restaurant. However, we don’t always think about how crucial it can be to have the proper equipment for keeping things – and people – as clean as possible! If your kitchen doesn’t already contain them, you should consider installing stainless steel sinks throughout your commercial space and replacing any plastic ones (for your employee’s safety). Well-designed sinks are especially crucial if you serve any food that requires hand washing, like seafood or poultry. For example, consider investing in a three-compartment sink which is ideal for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes. If you want to save floor space, a wall-mounted sink can be an excellent choice.

3. Cutlery

The right cutlery will help your restaurant keep its prices down and attract customers in a crowded market. If you’re looking to upgrade, consider investing in some heavy-duty commercial utensils that can stand up to daily use without breaking or chipping! Heavy-duty flatware is ideal for casual restaurants, while high-quality knives are better for formal dining. You should also check out our restaurant supplies page to see some of the cutlery we offer!

4. Refrigeration

You wouldn’t want to serve your customers anything that’s been sitting out for too long, so make sure you have enough refrigeration throughout the kitchen! In addition to having a large fridge or freezer in which all food can be stored, it would also help if each station had its own smaller refrigerator. This way, staff members will always know where their food is and won’t have to open up the main fridge constantly.

Moreover, it’s essential to know that you can’t use a domestic fridge in a commercial kitchen. Domestic fridges aren’t designed to withstand the high volume of use and the harsh conditions of a commercial kitchen. They’re also not as energy efficient as commercial refrigerators.

Hence, make sure to invest in quality commercial refrigerators for your food business. Some common types of refrigerators for the commercial kitchen include reach-in, walk-in, and under-counter refrigerators, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business needs.

5. Waste Disposal

It’s essential to have a good way of disposing of your food waste, and investing in a commercial sink with drainage is vital. There are different types that can be utilized throughout the kitchen depending on what you need it for – from a small garbage disposal unit under each station or a large one behind all sinks; there will always be an option for your business!

6. Storage

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, storage is another great place to start. You need a way of keeping all the food in your restaurant fresh and ready for cooking! Investing in some high-quality shelving will help with this while also saving space since everything can be stacked or hung up on it instead of taking up floor space.

But aside from quality shelving, you may also consider investing in stainless steel trolleys for your commercial kitchen. These are mobile storage units used to store food, equipment, and supplies. Stainless steel trolleys are durable, easy to clean, and rust-resistant, making them ideal for use in a commercial kitchen environment.

If you want to upgrade your restaurant’s commercial kitchen, these supplies will go a long way! By following this list of six items that need upgrading in your commercial space, you can be sure that they’ll help improve your business’s overall functionality and healthiness.

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