How to Choose New Doors for a Restaurant

How to Choose New Doors for a Restaurant

How do you choose the new doors for your restaurant? There are many factors to consider when deciding what door is going to work best for your establishment. Each door has a different function and will have a different impact on the aesthetic of your space. In this article we’ll cover how to choose new doors for a restaurant:

What Is Your Restaurant’s Main Entrance?

Is it the front door on the street or a side door that leads out into an alleyway? We’ll start by talking about exterior doors. These are the doors people see when they first walk up to your establishment and enter inside.

Your main exterior door is going to have the biggest impact on your restaurant’s first impression. When you’re choosing this type of door, keep in mind that it should be inviting and able to stand up to weather conditions like rain or snow throughout the year. You’ll need something durable enough to withstand constant movement and fluctuations in temperature.

Is It A Glass Door, Steel Door, Or Something Else?

What kind of aesthetic do you want to achieve (industrial, modern)? Suppose your restaurant has an exterior made up of all glass doors and windows like this, then we would recommend going for stainless steel interior doors. This will help create the feeling that the dining area is separate from the kitchen and allow for a more open, airy feel.

If your exterior is made of brick or stone, consider using glass interior doors to give off an industrial vibe as this restaurant does. This can be achieved with metal hardware too.

Do You Want A Solid Door Or An Open Grille?

Will customers can see through your doors from the inside out into the dining area? If having people be able to look out into your restaurant is important, then we would recommend going for a solid door. This will give off a private and exclusive feel that can be great for a fine dining restaurant.

If you want your customers to see into the space from inside, we would recommend going with an open grille door like this one. These are usually made up of metal bars that come in different styles and widths, so it’s important to choose something that will fit well with both your interior and exterior aesthetics.

If you’re in the middle ground, as this restaurant with a wooden door with grilles on it (like french doors), we would recommend going for something half-solid and half-grille.

Do You Want A Standard Door Or Something More Unique?

Will your exterior door will be visible from the street? If people walking by can see your front entrance, then having an interesting and unique-looking exterior is going to make them stop in their tracks. You’ll probably find that it also makes for better photos on Instagram. We would recommend going for an exterior door that is out of the ordinary.

For example, these doors are made from various metals and give off a very industrial look.

If your main entrance is not visible to people walking by, then you can go with something more standard like this restaurant did. They went with solid wood French front entry doors because they wanted the entrance to blend in with their exterior.

So do you want something unique and out of the ordinary like this restaurant did, or more standard and traditional looking like that other place? The choice is up to you. If your main door is visible, then we definitely recommend going for a funky grille or metal exterior door.

What Type Of Hardware Do You Want?

What kind of style does your door need to compliment (industrial, modern)? If the aesthetic you’re going for is more industrial and modern like this restaurant did, we recommend choosing sleek metal handles. These are usually silver or gold in color, so they will help bring out the colors in your grille or metal door.

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