5 Must-Visit Italian Restaurants in Sydney

One of the best cuisines you need to try when in Sydney is Italian. There are numerous Italian restaurants around the city that offer you mouth-watering and delectable meals all the time. Whether it is a fine dining or a casual eating with your loved ones, you will surely enjoy your dining experience.

Apparently, the European migration in 1950s in Australia introduced Italian cuisine to the region. Since then, it evolves in the whole country so if you’re craving for some Italian delicacies, here are some of the must-try Italian restaurants in Sydney which you can visit.

Ormeggio at The Spit

The Italian word “ormeggio” means berth and mooring, making the Ormeggio at The Spit a contemporary restaurant in a stunning waterfront setting. Situated on Middle Harbour, this Italian dining offers impressive dishes. Together with his team, Executive Chef Alessandro Pavoni uses the finest produce as well as both modern and traditional cooking techniques to serve you luscious dishes.

Balla Restaurant

This modern Italian restaurant in Sydney is one of The Star’s ultimate dining places. It was named after Giacomo Balla, a painter and a poet. Australia’s leading advocate of Italian cuisine, Chef Stefano Manfredi, decided to put up Balla to bring some modern twists on traditional Italian food. So, if you are craving for some authentic Italian cuisine, this is one of the greatest restaurants to visit.

Otto Ristorante

Located at The Finger Wharf, Otto Ristorante is sure to offer you the best Italian cuisine you will ever taste. A contemporary Italian menu is served daily in this modern dining. Head chef Richard Ptacnik uses fresh organic produce in cooking each meal, which makes every diner’s Otto experience absolutely unforgettable and satisfying. Additionally, you are greeted with a spectacular view when you dine here.

Pilu at Freshwater

This elegant Italian restaurant is perfect to celebrate any occasions. With its classic beachside setting and breathtaking ocean scenery, you will totally have a wonderful dining experience. You can expect top-notch Italian cuisine by Chef Giovanni Pilu as well as good-tasting wines.

A Tavola

One thing that makes A Tavola such a big hit in Sydney is its look. It is designed with large copper orbs and there are marble communal tables where you can see the chefs work. Your Italian food craving will definitely be satisfied once you have tried their palate-meals and great-tasting wine. More so, the service in this neighbourhood restaurant is outstanding, as they have friendly and professional staff.


Indeed, Sydney is home to some of the most striking Italian restaurants in the entire world. The Italian dining mentioned above can attest to the greatness of the Italian cuisine in the city. So never miss out the opportunity to dine in these restaurants today and indulge with world-class Italian food. You will have nothing to regret when you taste any of these appetizing dishes.



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