5 Must Have Foods On The Pub Menu

Pubs have always been a place of social gathering, where people can trade stories over a few drinks and relaxing music. Nowadays, with so many pubs competing for your business, it has become very common to see pubs paying a lot of attention to the quality of food being served. Here are 5 must-have food items that no self-respecting pub can leave of its menu.

Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings are undoubtedly America’s greatest contribution to pub culture. Though no one knows where exactly Buffalo wings were first made, it has now become a pub staple. One of the best things about Buffalo wings is the vast number of choices available in terms of sauce. From wet sauces like hot sauce to dry ones like tequila lime, there are a range of options when it comes to how you want your Buffalo wings to be served.

Fish and chips

You would be mistaken to think that fish and chips belong only in English pubs. No matter whether you prefer to drink ale, lager or stout, fish and chips go smashingly well with beer. Traditionally, deep-fried cod or haddock is used as the fish of choice. However, it is not uncommon to find local varieties where the cod or haddock is replaced by a local fish, such as perch. A popular spin to this dish is to include beer in the batter for the fish.

French fries

Let’s start off by making it clear that French fries were not invented in France. In fact, no country can claim to have invented a dish that is primarily deep fried sliced potatoes. The term first appeared in an 1856 English cookbook and it has stuck ever since. A basket of fries is one of the most commonly ordered foods in pubs across the world. Although a perfect match for ketchup, French fries also work very well with mayonnaise, tartar sauce and hot sauce.

A house burger

There are no pubs in the world that don’t have a hamburger on the menu. However, not all burgers are the same. This is one culinary area where a pub can stand out from the rest and build its own identity. The recipe for the house burger can either be completely new from scratch or a slight variation of a popular recipe; as long as patrons sing its praises, the house burger can become synonymous with the identity of the pub.


Traditionally, nachos are not pub food. In fact, once upon a time, it was very uncommon to find nachos being served anywhere other than Tex-Mex restaurants. However, nachos soon became the snack of choice while watched sporting events at home and people wanted their pubs to serve them as well. What makes nachos so popular with pub owners is the fact that it is very flexible. A platter of nachos can be customized in a number of ways and is one of the few dishes that can satisfy vegetarian clients, as well as their meat-loving friends.

Order any one or a combination of these fantastic pub foods and you will have some good eats to go along with your terrific brewskis.

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