How To Make The Most Out Of Your Indian Food Dining Experience

Indian food has become a popular cuisine choice in many parts of the world. It is known to be full of flavor and aromas created by the unique spices used in its preparation. Food is a big part of Indian culture, therefore good Indian food restaurants should leave diners with a feeling of authenticity. Whether you are looking for a new and special kind of dining experience and want to try Indian food for the first time or are visiting a recently opened Indian restaurant in your area, here are a few tips that may help you enjoy this culinary adventure to its fullest.

Explore the Menu and Ask for Suggestions

Menus at Indian food restaurants are full of exoticly named dishes that can be overwhelming at first to grasp. It’s difficult to know where to start if you’re unsure of the ingredients, and you don’t want to make a hurried decision in ordering something you won’t like once it comes out. Take your time exploring the variety of selections, and if all else fails, go with one of the standard recommendations that many people start out with, which include Tandoori chicken, naan and samosas.

Dining out with someone that is knowledgeable about Indian cuisine or quizzing your waiter may help ease you into it a bit more, as they can suggest some of the most popular items suitable for your palate and explain what the various dishes actually are. Once you get more comfortable with your ordering, make sure to start venturing out in your choices. Good Indian food restaurants will offer dishes that are both traditional and made with a modern flair, and experimenting may lead you to find one of your new favorite meals.

Go in With an Open Mind

There are a few misconceptions about Indian food that should be cleared up before you walk into a restaurant. While it is true that spices are a big characteristic of this type of cuisine, many people believe that each dish is saturated in spiciness, which simply isn’t the case. You’re more apt to find a hint of spice here and there to complement the main ingredients. You would also be wrong in thinking that all Indian food is centered around curry and curry powder. Curry is just one of several favored Indian courses and the powder is a mix of spices used to change up flavors. If you’ve always thought you can’t eat Indian food because you can’t take the heat, then it’s time you learn that there are many items offered in a choice of mild, medium or hot. You just need to make sure to communicate with your server and order what you can tolerate.

Compare Prices

It’s understandable to want good food yet reasonable prices at the same time. Most Indian food is cooked with fresh ingredients, making the prices a little higher. However, customers can appreciate the time, effort and quality of the elements that go into each meal at an Indian restaurant, so when comparing prices remember that essentially you get what you pay for.

Look For an Authentic Ambiance

A lot of the appeal of trying out a new Indian restaurant is for its lavish ambiance and decor, which come from influences of the country itself. Find a location that offers this so that you may get the full experience of what it’s like to dine surrounded by vibrant colors, metal artwork and traditional Indian music.

Trying out new foods and restaurants is a great way to tap into your adventurous side without taking too much risk, and Indian food is always a good place to start.

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By Tiffany Olson

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