5 Great Resources To Help Find The Best Restaurants In The Mid-West

The Midwest is a great region filled with friendly faces, fun things to see and do and some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you live in the region, travel there for work, visit for fun or head to the Midwest to spend the holidays with your family, you want to know more about the best restaurants. Check out some great resources to find those amazing restaurants.

Chickasaw County Website

If your travels take you to Chickasaw County, Oklahoma, head to the official website of the county for help locating the top restaurants. Though the area has a number of chain restaurants and familiar companies, you’ll also find some restaurants you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Search for restaurants by name, and view pictures of the interior, exterior and even the food that those restaurants serve. You can also find out the hours of operation for any locations that interest you.

Urban Spoon

Finding the best restaurants in the Midwest is easy when you use the Urban Spoon website. Search for restaurants according to location, and then narrow down your search based on cuisine, price or even neighborhood. Urban Spoon also lets you narrow down your search based on the most popular restaurants in an area or the most popular. A percentage listed to the right of each restaurant shows the number of users who had a good experience there.

Midwest Living

Midwest Living is one of the best magazines devoted to life in the Midwest. Owned by the same company that published Southern Living and similar magazines, Midwest Living offers a look at the region. The official website of the magazine also has some great reviews of restaurants scattered around the Midwest. You’ll find out where you can grab a fresh berry cobbler, a thick and juicy steak or a fabulous buffet.


If your trip takes you to multiple places around the Midwest, check out the Yelp website for help. Yelp lets users posts reviews and pictures of the experiences that they had at local restaurants, salons, doctor offices and hundreds of other places. Search for what you want to find, add your current location and wait for your response. Yelp even has its own app, which lets you locate restaurants, shops and anything else you need from your tablet or smartphone.

Trip Advisor

Many people think of Trip Advisor as just another travel website, but this website offers much more than just travel tips. This website has thousands of different restaurants listed in the Midwest, other regions of the United States and even in foreign countries. After you search for restaurants in a specific city or area, Trip Advisor will let you narrow down your search based on other features. Choose the cuisine that you’re in the mood for, how much you want to spend and what dining options you want.

Finding the perfect restaurant lets you take a break on your next Midwest vacation. Even if you go to the region to visit family, you might want a great steak or a fresh seafood dish. With these resources, you can find a great place for breakfast, the perfect steak restaurant, a classic vintage diner and everything in between.

Jerald Cole has lived in the mid-west and enjoys sharing his travel & dining tips with others. For more information on traveling, restaurants, and fun things to do on your next vacation, Jerald recommends visiting http://www.travelblog.org/North-America/.

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