2022’s Newest Trends in Mobile Food Ordering

You may have used a mobile app to order food at some point. Did you find it convenient? Was the app easy to use, or did you take time to find out how it worked? Is it worth using a mobile app, or would you rather call or visit the store for your orders?

Mobile apps for food ordering should offer a convenient way to order your favorite food anywhere. Apps can help you check menu offers, promos, and discounts from a restaurant or store. Some mobile food delivery apps also suggest other dining establishments and help you track your orders.

The Latest Food Ordering Trends in 2022

Just like other apps, mobile food ordering apps also evolve with newer, better, and more convenient features added. With the launch of new devices and wearables, ordering apps must be more flexible and versatile to work on these devices. 

Here are the top food ordering trends that are relevant this year:

Cloud Technology in Food Delivery Service

Cloud tech is everywhere, and in the food delivery industry, merchants use it for payments. The use of cloud payments reached over $23 trillion in 2020. This number is higher than transactions using other online payment platforms. Marketing leaders are more focused on cloud technology because they believe this can offer so much to the food delivery market.

Drone or Robot Service

The pandemic has created new and unique ways to deliver food and other products to consumers. Drone and robot delivery service is one of those unique ways. 

Drones are now ready to deliver all kinds of food to nearby customers. Users order through an app and track their food as it travels to their homes. Customers don’t need to go out to order food or a takeaway from their favorite shops; they stay safe as they order from their homes.

Meanwhile, robots are becoming very popular in many industries. In food delivery, robots help with contactless food delivery. Big businesses are now using robots to reduce the cost of food delivery and protect their workers from Covid-19.

There is still no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the use of drones and robots has to continue with better app features for food ordering and order tracking. Expect more businesses to use these technologies in 2022 and beyond.

Food Delivery on Demand

Customers prefer food delivery that is easy to access, quick, and convenient. This is why more and more people are using their smartphones to order food. 

This trend will stay but with added conveniences such as real-time location tracking, improved customer engagement, business reviews and rating, and enhanced branding. This market will grow with millions of U.S. customers using food delivery applications in the following years. 

According to a report from Digital Authority Partners, this is one of the technologies that can be useful for on-demand services such as food delivery. 

Food Ordering Apps for Millennials

Millennials consume more food products than other generations. Millennials have contributed so much to the industry, considering their strong purchasing power. 

This generation prefers to eat out rather than cook food at home. Millennials also prefer to eat at various dining establishments because they want to savor the experience and create lasting memories.

The influencing power of millennials will continue through 2022 and for years to come. Consumers will learn so much from the outgoing qualities of this generation. 

Crypto Payment

Digital payment is safe and secure, perfect for contactless payments. Aside from traditional online payment methods, the use of cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. More companies prefer using blockchain technology for food delivery payments because it has proven to be more secure than other digital payment methods. 

Payment Secured by AI and ML

The food delivery industry benefits from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These technologies can detect and prevent fraud in online payment channels. Companies offering food delivery via an app can make sure that payments are quick, secure, and efficient, thanks to AI and ML.

Smart TVs and Smart Watches

No longer is food delivery restricted to smartphones or mobile apps. Thanks to tedious app development, apps for smartwatches and smart TVs allow you to order in just a few steps. 

From your smartwatch, you simply tap the food delivery app and place your order. From your smart TV, select the installed delivery app and order your meals before watching your shows.

These convenient ways of ordering food will expand into other mobile devices and smart home equipment. If this trend continues, you can one day order your food from your smart refrigerator, smart speakers, and more.

Social Media

Food-related businesses are now considering new ways to reach out to their customers and help them order their favorite meals. One of the most convenient ways is ordering through social media. 

Dominos Pizza is one of the pioneers in food ordering through Twitter. Twitter users can visit Domino’s Twitter page, tweet their orders, and wait for their food to arrive.

With more people using social media to connect and check out businesses, using these platforms for food delivery seems inevitable. Expect food ordering to expand to other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

The Cloud Kitchen

The cloud kitchen is a virtual kitchen concept where people can simply come, order food, and eat. The kitchen will host different restaurants, diners, cafés, and hotels. 

Customers can select the food they want to order from different establishments without leaving the virtual kitchen. Expect this concept to continue and expand to cover more establishments on one app.

Final Words

The food delivery industry is in full swing because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you belong to this industry, expect massive returns and business growth when you add a food delivery app for easy and convenient food ordering.

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