10 Steps To Throw A Great, Cheap Pizza Party For Your Child

Whether it’s a birthday party, a sweet sixteen party, a christening, or any other kids’ party, your child will be expecting to have great fun. That should not worry you much in terms of finances. There are many different ways you can cut costs and still throw a great party for your kid. By following these 10 simple tips, you can make your child’s party wishes come true while at the same time save your wallet from annihilation.

Have a Conservative Guest List

If your child is already old enough and can write, have your child draw up a tentative guest list then sit down with him or her to trim it down. Keep in mind that kids do not follow any sort of protocol and they will bring other uninvited kids who you will not have the heart to turn away. So keep the list limited to your child’s closest friends who live nearby.

Free Venue

Hiring a venue can set you back some good amount of money. To save on costs, choose a free venue such as a public picnic site or even better, have the party at your home. You can also visit a local pizza place and reserve the place for a pizza party. It will cost much less than other party venues as you may only be charged for the food and drinks or you may have to add only a small fee.

Free Entertainment

Hiring a band, a DJ, a clown, or a caricaturist may be too expensive for your budget. If that is the case, then you can find some free forms of entertainment. You have to keep in mind that the entertainment has to be age appropriate. For instance, you can have an arts and crafts session that will keep the kids busy and entertained.

Keep the Décor Simple

You or your kid may like to have a themed party. Going all out to create your preferred theme may cost you a bundle. Save on your costs by limiting your décor costs. Actually, you and your child can use material already in the house from past parties and work together to decorate the place.

Do the Cooking

Picking readymade food may save you time and energy but on the other hand may be a drain on your pockets. If you have the time and can cook, then it may be best if you do the cooking yourself. Bake the cake too and make sandwiches and drinks. If you cannot cook for a large group you can find more affordable options such as hiring a pizza caterer who may cook on-site for a great pizza party.

Save On Invites

Invitation cards can cost a lot of money especially if you are hosting a big party. On the other hand, people appreciate getting invitations that have a personal touch. You and your child can have fun handcrafting special invitations before the party and thank you notes after the party.

Make Party Favors

Giving out toys as party favours will increase your overall costs yet the toys or dolls may only interest the children for a few days before getting broken. You can have an interactive session with your kids where they make party favours themselves.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Do you have any discount coupons or are there discount options you can take advantage of? Then party time is the best time as you will be buying lots of stuff in bulk.

Avoid Big Sleepovers

Hosting a party is already expensive enough, having to host the guests till the next day can be financially overwhelming. The visiting kids will have to be fed and it most likely won’t be the regular breakfast you have daily but a more expensive variety.

Invite Only Close Neighbours

After the party is over, it may be up to you to take some of the kids back to their homes. Apart from being tired from playing host, driving around to far off places to drop off kids may lose you some change. Keep your guest list limited to kids within the neighbourhood.

Your child’s party need not be an expensive affair. You can follow the above ten steps and have spectacularly memorable pizza party that your child’s friends will keep talking of for a while.

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