Your Guide To The Best Breakfasts In Byron

Byron Bay is the Cadillac of Australian beach towns: wide stretches of white sand, deep cerulean waters, lighthouses dominating the sky, surfers everywhere and stunning sunrises and sunsets that will bring new light to your world.

Despite the crowds that flock to Byron, it still manages to remain a peaceful, small town at its core. Packed with shops and lined with bustling restaurants and cafes, you could spend days in Byron checking out the scene. Here’s a guide to help start your days off right with the best breakfast spots you’ll find in one of Australia’s most idyllic towns.

1. The Top Shop

65 Carlyle Street, Byron Bay

It seems like it is par for the course for locals to join the Top Shop cult. It’s earned a reputation as the best breakfast/brunch spot in town with to-die-for baked goods, delicious burgers and smooth coffee to start the morning off right.

2. Byron Beach Cafe

Clarkes Beach/Lawson Street, Byron Bay

If it’s breakfast with a view you’re after, look no further than the Byron Beach Cafe. Good for a morning coffee followed by a big brekkie, this cafe offers unbeatable views where you can soak up the sun and revel in the waterfront views that spread out over Clarkes Beach. You couldn’t be any close to the water unless you were sitting in it.

3. One One One

111 Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Another local hotspot, One One One is a scene to engage in all day long. Head over for its fantastic breakfast spreads, but don’t feel embarrassed to keep going back for more. Go for the buttermilk pancakes with some strawberry yoghurt and you’ll be smiling wide all day.

4. Bayleaf Cafe

2 Marvell Street, Byron Bay

It’s all about the hipsters at Bayleaf Cafe. With seasonal specials, incredible dishes and house-roasted coffee, Bayleaf is the ultimate people-watching place with a good brunch to boot.

5. The Byronian Cafe

58 Jonson Street, Byron Bay

A hit amongst locals and tourists alike, you can’t go wrong with The Byronian Cafe. Nestled on a park near the centre of Byron, this cafe offers a relaxing atmosphere coupled with a perfect cup of coffee and some great menu options for the ideal breakfast fix.

6. Utopia

13 Byron Street, Bangalow

Utopia has queues lining up around the block, so be sure to get there early. It’s the perfect pick if you want a more upmarket approach to brunch and is the place to go for breakfast with style.

7. Dip

1/21-25 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay

Another popular and local low-key breakfast spot, word is that Dip has the best BLT in all of Byron. This food haven defines busy, so if you can’t sit down and dine then be sure to take away something away and pull up a spot wherever you fancy.

8. Harvest Cafe

18 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar Village

A bit further out of town, Harvest Cafe is in Newrybar and is most definitely worth the trip. Harvest Cafe offers tasty food at a friendly price. Enjoy breakfast or brunch on the balcony and let the day slowly unwind, as it will be a day well spent.

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