What vitamins does the body need most during the autumn period?

We often associate the autumn period with weather fluctuations and sharp drops in temperature. Grey, sometimes rainy days can decrease significantly and lower both the mood and the immune system of each of us. Along with these factors, our protective barrier is weakened, which at this particular time is highly vulnerable to a number of unwanted health complications. Is it possible to prevent this? Which vitamins will help us survive the autumn gloom? This and many other helpful questions we are going to address today.Copy HTMLCopy text

Vitamins – a valuable aid to the body or just a waste of money?

The answer is trivial – of course, it is worth taking vitamins, especially during those times of the year when we do not have access to, for example, fresh fruit and vegetables, or we do not get as much sunshine as we did during the hot summer holidays. There are at least a few reasons why we should take care of our vitamin supply through appropriate supplementation.

Feelings of fatigue and the recently very popular ‘autumnal’ mood are not the only symptoms of deficiency of specific vitamins in our organism. There are also various infections, both bacterial and viral, which, consequently, will cost us much more than investing in a few vitamin packs. But it is best to keep cool, right?

Autumn must-have – or which vitamins to supplement in autumn

Before we decide to take drastic steps in the supplementation of individual vitamins, it would be worthwhile to consult this idea with a doctor so that they contribute to supporting our organism in the right way. What vitamins are we most often lacking in the autumn and winter period?

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for the proper physiological functioning of our body. It contributes to the production of collagen and elastin. This has a direct effect on improving the condition of our nails and hair. It assists in the regeneration of the skin, thus being an effective safeguard against acne lesions or skin problems. In addition, vitamin A supports normal vision, so it is worth straining your eyes for it!

Vitamin B

In addition to its direct effect on our health, vitamin B is undeniably responsible for maintaining a cheerful mood, despite the nasty weather. It offsets feelings of fatigue and stress through the compounds it contains. This vitamin plays a huge role in supporting our nervous system and the proper functioning of the brain. Melancholy and fatigue will be a thing of the past with vitamin B!

Vitamin C

When it comes to our immunity, vitamin C comes to the rescue! Ascorbic acid contributes to the production of collagen in our body. The vitamin is a kind of armour for our body, which fights bravely against unwanted infections. In addition, vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, which greatly strengthens the immune system.

Where to look for the best products with these vitamins?

These three most important vitamins should be in our essentials during the sad autumn days. In this way, we will be able to protect ourselves, at least to a certain extent, against illness. 

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