What is the Most Popular Pastry in Paris you should know

Paris is home to the experts of the pastry world, tracing back to Marie-Antoine Carême. In the mid-1800s, he popularized such elaborate sugary treats as the millefeuille and the croquembouche (a caramel-enrobed pinnacle of cream puffs). We can’t forget to include the strawberries “Romanov””, a parfait-like combo of marinated berries and whipped cream. 

The city’s pastry scene is more powerful and extensive than at any other time. This ranges from modern optical treasures that Carême would desire to exquisite classics and, surprisingly, a few incredible cookies.

6 Top Parisian Pastries 

There are lots of pastries in Paris to enjoy. Let’s take you through pastry tour in Paris. Below are a few of them.


Articulated like mill-foy, it interprets as 1,000 layers. Likewise, most millefeuille pastries don’t have too many layers; they are commonly adequate to cause an impact of flaky pastry. Typically, a millefeuille has three layers of puff pastry rotated in two layers of cake cream and a confectioner sugar/icing dusting. Be that as it may, as you’d envision, French pastry experts are eager to put their signatures on this old patisserie companion.

Le Macaron

For those who enjoy pastry, a tour to Paris implies the opportunity to embrace the macaron diet. We pin it on Pierre Hermé, father of the macaron blast! The macaron is now as Parisian as the Eiffel Tower. His most recent store is a trés moderne bistro on the Champs-Elysées highlighting a tank-size macaron counter with many assortments.


This famous pastry was made to respect the yearly 1200 km bike race between Paris and Brest that was established in 1891. The feathery cake’s enormous ring shape is intended to address a bicycle wheel. However, we don’t know what the praline mousseline cream, chopped almonds, and powdered sugar are. But the creamy interior and crispy shell of the Paris-Brest make it so appealing to resist.

Opera cake

As smooth and balanced as the stage of the Opéra Garnier, this incredible treat has been number one with lovers of food since 1955. It could be a later creation than the other exemplary Parisian pastry, yet it’s just as delectable as an almond wipe cake layered with espresso butter cream and ganache. It’s finished off with a rich chocolate frosting, which more than merits its gold leaf design.

The Mont Blanc

Like a snow-covered mountain, a Mont Blanc is loaded with whipped cream and braced with “vermicelli” produced using puréed, delicious chestnuts. Regardless of whether they say it hails from Italy, the Mont Blanc has been the mark cake of Angelina’s tea house since around 1903.

La Religieuse

This is traditionally made with two stacked, light-air puffs loaded with baked cream and finished with a chocolate or coffee coat. Modern translations offer nice flavors like rose, salted caramel, and pistachio. For an otherworldly encounter, you can explore Ladurée to test the Bonbon Religieuse, made with a confit of sweet cherries, candy-enhanced cream, and semi-sugar-coated cherries, looking sharp in a lovable pale pink almond paste dress.


These top Paris pastries highlighted above are found in boulangeries and patisseries. You can enjoy any of them in every neighborhood of Paris. Remember, boulangeries focus on bread, while patisseries focus on pastries. Your visit to Paris isn’t complete without having a bite of a few Parisian pastries.

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