Top Five Dishes to Try During Your Vacation in Marseille

It is no news that France has some of the best local dishes for food lovers who want to try new things. If you are a tourist who wants to take a food tour, Marseille should be your next destination. It is a region in southern France known for its delicious food, beautiful natural scenery, and unique architecture. However, the focus of this article is food during Marseille tourism

Five Must-try Dishes for Tourists in Marseille

Below are the five best options for food-loving tourists.


You can’t visit Marseille without getting a taste of the famous and delicious Bouillabaisse. It is a must-try for fish lovers that is made with different types of fish. In a single dish, you will find rockfish, gurnard, monkfish, and shellfish garnished with onions, tomatoes, and garlic. The recipe includes healthy and flavourful herbs like fennel, bay leaf, and saffron. The prep time for Bouillabaisse is long because of all the steps required. However, it is always worth the wait.

Pistou Soup

If you want something filling, packed with nutrients, and delicious, go for the pistou soup dish. It is made with a combination of vegetables like potatoes, beans, and carrots. Savory each mouthful as you enjoy the rich flavor of basil, garlic, tomato paste, and olive oil. Each plate is served with either crusty bread or pesto. All you have to do is dip the bread into the soup and put it in your mouth. 


For a creamy sauce to eat with your vegetables or seafood, there is no better option than Aïoli. It is typically made with olive oil, egg yolks, and garlic. Most people prefer to enjoy this creamy delight in the hot afternoon on summer days. However, you can eat it whenever you want during your vacation. 


If you’ve ever been to France, you should know that French bread is one of a kind. One of the best types of French bread is Fougasse, which originates from Marseille. It is a flatbread that typically comes in different shapes and sizes but always has the same unique taste. The bread filling contains bacon, cheese, olives, and other delicious ingredients. It is perfect as a side dish or snack but isn’t usually large enough to be served as a single meal. 


This is one of the most common traditional Marseille dishes you will find as a tourist. It is a fried dish made with chickpea flour. The chickpea is mixed with olive oil and water and fried in hot oil until golden brown. While the outer layer is crispy, the inner layer is soft and warm. Also, Panisse is served with a dipping sauce of your choice, typically aïoli or harissa. 


If you are looking for a food paradise where you can enjoy unique delights while touring some of the most amazing destinations in the world, visit Marseille. As you enjoy your food tour, be sure to proceed with caution, especially if you have allergies or a sensitive stomach. Also, stick to reputable restaurants that are known to prepare food hygienically.

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