Top 10 Savory Snacks for Iftar

Top 10 Savoury Foods

As we enter the blessed month of Ramadan, it’s high time we go over the essentials of having an amazing month. Firstly, this is a month of religious ablution. It provides you with ample opportunity of absorbing yourself in the worship of the divine. Performing your religious duties is of the utmost importance.

Additionally, Ramadan brings with it its festivities. And no festivity is greater than the Iftar. Like any incredible occasion, the most important factor is the build-up. Spending long days without water or food teaches us perseverance and restraint. 

Hence, it makes sense to reward yourself with mouth-watering delights with refreshing drinks come sundown. It not only instills in us the importance of delayed gratification but is a great example of positive reinforcement. All these factors combine to make Iftar one of the most important aspects of Ramadan.

With its significance established, let’s talk about how you can elevate your Iftar to the next level this Ramadan. 

However, before we start, it is prudent to mention not to overeat. The urge to eat is understandable after fasting for 15 hours, but excessive munching can lead to medical complications. Not to mention the lethargy you feel after having such an Iftar. Well, with that said, let’s list 10 savory snacks that must be on your table this month.

.  Potato Samosas

No matter your ethnicity, race, sect, or age. No matter where you are in the world. You aren’t a true Pakistani if you don’t have samosas on your Iftar table. Though different variants exist, the Aloo (potato) Samosa takes the crown. No one can pinpoint the exact moment in history when the potato samosa took over our Iftar tables. The passing of a unique fable in each family about its genesis has made it difficult to trace its history. I won’t bore you with the details here. 

However, it’s certain that today Potato Samosas are a staple in Ramadan. Recently, more and more takes on this snack are coming to light. Yet, people don’t understand a simple fact: perfection isn’t improvable. That’s why Hobnob trusts the recipe of those that developed it. Our Potato Samosas are as close to the original as possible. Go to our website and order our Ramadan specials for your Iftar now!

. Plain Salted Chips

A 15-hour absence of sugar from your body really intensifies its cravings. That’s why it’s common to go for sweet snacks from the start. However, it’s equally important to care about the amount of consumption: especially for those with preexisting medical conditions. 

A great Iftar table has the right balance of sweet and savory. The latter has to complement the former not compete with it. That’s why plain salted chips are a great addition to your Iftar.

Not only are they a bite-sized snack which makes them that much more attractive, but they’re also great complements. Their crisp savoriness counteracts the initial sweet intake in such a unique way that your hunger only enhances. The cherry on top, they are easy and inexpensive to make. 

. Quiché 

A great savory snack missing from most Pakistani tables is a Quiché. They’re a French tart that consists of a crust filled with a savory custard with your choice of filling. It may sound very fancy, but it’s an ideal munch on your table. 

Not only is it highly flexible, but economical too. Its versatility allows you to decide on a filling of your liking. A single Quiché doesn’t take too much of your appetite, but a few Quiches can quench your hunger. So, this Ramadan, make sure there are enough Quiches for everyone on your table – though we doubt it.

. Chicken Patties 

A chicken patty can become a highly nutritious presence on your table. Not only are they an explosive enough snack on their own, but work great with other ingredients too. 

Additionally, more and more variations are appearing nowadays. This just goes to show how versatile a chicken patty is. In fact, a chilly drink and a simmering chicken patty are a mouth-watering combination. Then this Ramadan, make sure a chick patty is on your table to enhance everything else on it.

. Sausage Roll

In Pakistan, the Meat Roll has always been more famous than a Sausage Roll. Maybe it’s because of the meat-loving populace or an addiction to oily snacks. Whatever the reason may be, the former’s popularity is evident. But does it really merit it?

A Sausage Roll is just as good as a Meat roll, if not better. Not only is it free from being drenched in oil, but it’s also versatile. However, what helps it stand out is its adaptable size. A Sausage Roll’s length can vary greatly and still maintain its flavor integrity. All these factors combine to make it a delicious presence on your Iftar table.

. Chicken and Mushroom Quiché

Adding on to what makes a Quiché so amazing, a unique version of it is a Chicken and Mushroom Quiché. A mushroom has a remarkably distinct taste. Indeed. It either lifts a snack up or crashes it to the ground – no in between. A mushroom in a bit-size Quiché may sound odd at first, but it is worth it. The chicken and mushroom combine to create such an other-worldly flavor that it leaves your taste buds wanting more. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, do so immediately. It will instantly turn into a must-have during your Iftar this Ramadan.

. Vegetable Patties

With the changing times, our ideologies seem to have changed too. A growing rise in veganism is evident around the world – even in Pakistan. We at Hobnob respect every person’s beliefs regardless of their background. Not only that, we try to cater to everyone and make our shop an inclusive one. 

That’s why we recommend a Vegetable Patty to be present at your next Iftar. Not only is it as nutritious as its meaty counterpart, but it’s succulent too. A highly adaptable snack that is bound to end up at your Iftar once you try it. 

. Tandoori Chicken Cheese Patties

If you weren’t sold on Chicken Patties yet, then give it one last try by eating Tandoori Chicken Cheese Patties. This smoky, cheesy bite-sized extravaganza is an enigma. Eat it and witness the party in your mouth that takes place. Rarely do you come across people that don’t enjoy this savory delight. This is a snack whose absence will make your Iftar table feel incomplete.

. Wontons

A wonton is steadily gaining popularity in Pakistan. Having said that, there are still many people oblivious to it. To those unaware, it’s a Chinese Dumpling with a filling to your taste. It’s a small munch that is a great snack to have before you leave for your prayers. It satisfies but doesn’t overfill. Furthermore, it has all the potential to be a great inclusion at your table.

. Pakora

To those getting redder with going through this article, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about Pakoras. This staple of Pakistani culture has been present on a Pakistani Iftar table since the Partition. No one knows how it got there. However, nobody minds their presence either. This savory snack has long been on our table, and it doesn’t seem it’s leaving it anytime soon. 

Everyone has their own reason for liking a Pakora. Whether it’s nostalgia, taste, or you’re just used to it. So, we won’t go into it here. However, for those who don’t have Pakoras on their Iftar tables. We can’t even describe what you’re missing out on. So, become a fan by trying this bite-sized party today.

The Wrap Up

All in all, Ramadan is a special month that requires special snacks. These are just 10 of the innumerable snacks that can populate your table this month. We recommend that you not be afraid of trying new snacks. Because that is the Hobnob way.

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