The Ultimate Dumpling Pairings: Best Sauces and Side Dishes from Around the World

There’s an unspoken magic woven into the fabric of every dumpling; a universal language of comfort and flavour that breaks down the barriers of diverse cultures. The very essence of this delight lies in its simplicity and the heartfelt joy that emanates from a perfectly steamed or crisply fried piece. However, no dumpling experience is complete without its soulmates: the rich, diverse sauces and the complementary side dishes that elevate every bite into a gastronomic journey.

Embark with us on a delectable voyage across continents, right from your dining table, as we explore the ultimate dumpling pairings from around the globe. And if you’re looking to indulge without the prep work, you can always buy dumplings in Melbourne for an authentic, delightful experience at home.

China: The Time-Honoured Tradition

In the realm where dumplings are akin to an art form, the Chinese dipping sauce is no less a masterpiece. The classic combination of soy sauce, vinegar and chili oil, sometimes adorned with fresh ginger shreds, is an irresistible staple. This tangy, spicy concoction brings out the subtle flavours of the dumplings, whether they’re filled with succulent pork, shrimp, or wholesome vegetables.

Complement this with a side of Suan La Bai Cai (Spicy Sour Cabbage) that perfectly balances the richness with its tangy, fiery taste, adding a refreshing contrast.

Japan: A Culinary Hug

Gyoza, the Japanese take on dumplings, finds its match in a unique sauce blend – soy sauce with a hint of rice vinegar and a dash of la-yu (chili oil) for those who need a little extra heat. The balance between salty and tangy with a kick speaks volumes, enhancing the gyoza’s filling, often a savoury mixture of minced pork and cabbage.

Pair your gyoza and sauce with a warm Miso Soup, whose soothing umami character provides a comforting embrace, making every meal feel like home.

Korea: The Spicy Affair

Korean Mandu, with their generous fillings, are often accompanied by a soy-vinegar sauce that gets an upgrade with a spoonful of Korean chili flakes or gochujang paste. This sauce’s dynamic character amplifies the flavours, unafraid to push your taste buds to lively new heights.

Embrace the spice with a side of Kimchi – this fermented delight, with its complex layers of flavour, continues the spicy theme, adding depth to your dumpling adventure.

Eastern Europe: The Hearty Companion

Moving away from Asia, let’s not forget the humble Pierogi. These dumplings, often stuffed with potatoes, meat, cheese or even fruits, pair wonderfully with sour cream-based sauces. A dollop of this creamy delight – sometimes infused with herbs or garlic – complements the hearty fillings. I’m 

Serve your pierogies with a side of Borscht, the iconic beetroot soup. Its earthy sweetness and sour profile cut through the richness of the dumplings and the cream, creating a harmonious dish.

Italy: Mediterranean Romance

Yes, Italy has its version of dumplings too – ravioli! These pasta pockets love nothing more than a classic tomato sauce, where the tanginess and herb-infused flavours complement the rich, cheesy stuffing. A true testament to the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Accompany your ravioli with a fresh, crisp Caprese Salad. The freshness of the tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese provides a light, refreshing counterpoint to the dense, sumptuous dumplings.

Exploring the world through its variety of dumplings and their pairings isn’t just about trying different foods – it’s about experiencing the cultures, traditions, and heart that go into every recipe. So, here’s to many more flavourful journeys!

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