Many people drink wine regularly but don’t even know the about the benefits of this drink or the vast history that lies beneath that divine taste. For ages wine has been considered to be the liquor of the Gods and cultivating grape vine is an activity that has been in progress from the ancient times. Alexander the Great, the famous ruler, thought wine to be “ the essence of grape vine, the power of the Earth and the eternity of the Sun”.

Grape wine was supposed to have been spread from Asia several years ago while the first wine was produced in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago. The oldest bottle of wine has been discovered in a Roman tomb somewhere in Germany around 1867. The Romans are considered to be the most competent and efficient wine manufacturers since they spread the art of winery through all the territories they have conquered. Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet are only a few pieces of the famous roman wine art. In fact, Louis Pasteur has managed to set the scientific basis of the modern winery one century ago.

The various types of grapes determined a wide range of wine depending on the country and soil. Based on these criteria wines have been classified in:

1. Wines for regular use that are light and contain a maximum 8.5 % alcohol

2. Quality wines acquired from the high standard class of grape bread on famous wine-growing territories

3. Special wines or high quality wines that have minimum 9.5% alcohol and are famous for their denomination and class of grapes used

Nowadays, the wine is being consumed not only for its excellent taste or its relaxing attributes but also for its numerous other benefits. One glass of wine is beneficial not only for our state of mind but also has some really good medical results. Scientists have discovered that wine has an important part in the recovery of cells and tissue; it helps our digestion and toxin dismissing. It is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. According to the latest discoveries, the white wine compounds have miraculous effects in beating cancer.

Apart from all these points, it is the taste that makes us appreciate this liquor especially when combined with food. In fact, it is necessary to understand that only by combining food with the right type of wine can get us discover the true savor of wine.

Whether you are wine passionate or just someone who enjoys a nice glass of wine at dinner, visiting a wine cellar could be a memorable time. Having to go into wine tastings and finding out more about the secrets of wine making, the unique ways of storing and the art of wine tasting would certainly make you appreciate it even more.

Wine industry may offer an enormous range of choices but rather than getting a serious headache you would rather spend your money on high quality wines that not only help you relax but also have positive effects on your health. Wine is not only about taste but also about history and art.

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