The Science Behind Personalized Nutrition

The Science Behind Personalized Nutrition

To begin with, everyone is made up of different gene sequences and DNA code. We inherit traits that make us unique and also vulnerable to specific types of health conditions. Nutrition is correlated with DNA and Gene Sequences because all humans cannot follow one specific diet that will help lose weight or maintain body physique.

One way that the connection of science is related to nutrition can be found in PN. Personalized Nutrition is a way of helping people reach their potential in getting the best out of the food that is consumed. The experts out there will help clients find the food that best fits them based on hereditary traits, DNA sequences, and Genes.

Why can no one follow one single diet?

It’s a simple answer. There are people out there who have specific health conditions that are inherited from past generations of the ancestors that have come before them. The basic thing that has to be said here is that we all do not respond the same when it comes to the food that we want to eat. Some people may develop or react to certain types of food. Examples of this would be someone who eats chips and develops high triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels or someone who eats a small piece of sponge cake but the cake increases the blood-sugar levels drastically.

Because there is a connection to genetics and nutrition, it does not hurt to get a test-kit for nutrition to see what you have. By participating in nutrition testing, you can see the traits that you have inherited and also what you need to do to make your diet as efficient as possible.


A study that was presented on Scientific American called the PREDICT study was a study conducted by London’s King College and Harvard University. The purpose of the study was to see if twins would react to food that same way compared to nontwins who were also a part of the study. The results for the first part of the study were found to be true about the claim that was made earlier: Everyone reacts differently to the foods that are consumed. However, when the study on twins was conducted, the researchers’ predictions prior to the conduction of the experiment did not match. So the conclusion of the study was that even though twins share similar traits and DNA code, they will still react differently to the food that is consumed.

Benefits of Personalized Nutrition

If Science is not enough to persuade you to say that PN is the best way to lose the weight you want to lose or the body that you want to maintain, here are the benefits that you can achieve with Personalized Nutrition.

– A specific plan that is designed for you will help you meet your goals quicker. Whether that is losing weight or building muscle, a Personalized Nutritionist will find foods that fit your Genetic identity.

– With a personalized Nutritionist, malnutrition is something to not worry about. Malnutrition does not always mean a lack of food. It can also mean eating the wrong things

– A study called EFFORT was conducted last year by DSM found that patients who had nutritional conditions and were paired with PN’s were able to reduce the risk of genetic health conditions that were existing due to the family history.

Personalized Nutritionists are the people who will help you truly. With everyone having different reactions to the food that we eat, it’s important to get the foods that are healthy, nutritious, and appropriate according to a DNA sequence.

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