The Many Benefits of Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Honey comes in many varieties, but one distinct flavor you have to try is the orange blossom, honey. What makes this natural sugar alternative different is its light citrus taste and mild flavors. The orange blossom nectar syrup is a quality product of Florida, some parts of Texas, and the SoCal area because of the orange blossoms from orange groves.

This honey variant has a light color compared to the other types. It has an exceptional citrusy taste great as a sweetener for teas and spread on biscuits or bread. The orange blossom honey is also an all-around sweetener useful in a lot of cuisines.

Choose Raw Orange Blossom Honey

When buying this honey variant, go for fresh produce because it has more potent qualities. Heating or undergoing pasteurization destroys all the natural elements, including the enzymes, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, propolis, the aromatics, and its amino components typically. 

Choosing raw orange blossom honey has many other advantages aside from its anti-bacterial effects. Some of the notable benefits of using raw orange blossom honey include:

  • High-antioxidant properties: According to research conducted by the University of Vienna, the orange blossom honey-variant contains several anti-oxidants, including hesperetin, galanin, luteolin, quercetin, and a lot more. These components are highly anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting, and has anti-cancer qualities. 
  • Orange blossom honey is an excellent source of the trace mineral: Your body needs vital minerals to help it stay healthy. The orange blossom honey contains most of the trace minerals you need to keep your body strong and healthy. 

Among its components are zinc, boron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and more. The content level of trace minerals is dependent on the geographical location where the honey was harvested.

  • Orange blossom honey has wound-healing capabilities: One of the most compelling characteristics of the citrusy honey comes from its capacity to support tissue healing. The natural components and anti-bacterial properties of this nectar syrup can be a safe treatment option for wounded patients. 

The Difference Between Raw Honey and Regular Honey

The distinct qualities of raw honey and regular honey are evident with their appearance and thickness. If you are aiming to buy fresh and unpasteurized orange blossom honey, look for one that is cloudy or opaque.

Pasteurized honey, on the other hand, has a clear and smooth consistency. Pasteurization is typically done to improve the appearance of the natural sweetener and prolong its shelf-life. The process also kills most of the yeast cells, which affect the taste and flavor of the honey.

So, when looking for raw orange blossom honey, look for one which is naturally cloudier with small honeycomb debris. These small components are usually the tell-tale signs of a natural and unfiltered nectar syrup because the particles are too small for filtering. 

Raw and unfiltered honey has many of the natural elements, beneficial for the improvement of health. This includes bee pollen that has anti-inflammatory properties, amino acids, enzymes, and individual traces of vitamins and minerals.

Looking for the Right Honey Sellers

It’s often a daunting task to look for the right honey sellers because of counterfeit products available in the market. Unlike raw nectar syrup, regular honey usually contains certain additives such as fructose from corn syrup, sweeteners, and a lot of other contaminants. 

It’s always important to know that raw honey does not have any other ingredients than the natural elements from the beehive.

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